Keep your Spy identity a secret in Spy Alley Jr!

Recommended Age:6-12+
Play Time:5-10 Minutes
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Spy Alley Jr is a fun game of secret identities and finding out who is which spy! You are given a card with a Spy on it and you become that Spy while you try to guess which Spy the other players are. It’s easy to learn, quick to play and always so much fun!

I love that my kids can set up the game up and play without any help from me. That is how quick and easy it is to setup and learn! The game is different every time because every time you are a different Spy! My kids both pretend to BE a spy after playing…and sometimes while they play which makes this game even more fun!

2014-11-26 17.24.09 copyThe board only folds in half and is pretty sturdy but it is a fold up board so be careful not to bend it the wrong way. The pawns are the standard small plastic in fun colors so if your child still puts things in their mouth don’t let them play unsupervised. The Move Cards are standard papery type cards but the Spy Cards are harder plastic. The soft kind that you can’t cut yourself on easily but hard plastic like a laminated membership card to somewhere. Not like a credit card though. Very nice! Now let’s see if I can explain how to play.


Be the last Spy in the game by guessing which Spy every other player is.


Open the board and choose your color token then put it on the Start space. Then make sure the Move Cards are shuffled and put the pile on the side of the board so everyone can reach. Then shuffle the spy cards and pass one out to each player face down. Each Player is now that Spy and should not show anyone or tell anyone! My daughter forgets this sometimes…


Roll the Die to see who goes first (or some other way if you want). On your turn you can roll the Die or use a Move Card to move clockwise around the board. You can only do one or the other though so if you roll then you cannot play a Move Card.

2014-11-26 17.20.59-1 copyIf you land on a Move Card space you draw 1 Move Card from the pile. There is one Safe Embassy space and if you land on it then you are safe from guesses until you move. The Spy Guess spaces are Red, Blue or Green. If you land on one you can guess who is which Spy for any other player that is on a Spy Guess space of the same color.

If you land on a Red space and two other players are on a Red space and one is on a Blue space then you can guess the identity of only the two players on the Red spaces. If you guess correctly then those players are out of the game but if you guess incorrectly then play continues. Playing with two players is a little faster but still very fun…and funny since my daughter tends to say “No that’s not me…I’m this one!” when my son guesses incorrectly. She’s learning LOL

Any time a player guesses correctly they get any Move Cards and the Spy card from the Spy who was identified. The player who guessed correctly can then choose to keep their card or switch to the card they just obtained! Twist ending! Make sure to discard the unused Spy Card without anyone seeing which one you chose or you will be out next! We leave this part out when playing with my daughter but my son loves trying to be sneaky!

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You don’t really need to adjust this game but if you wanted with a 3 or 4 year old you could randomly select a Spy Card and put a random color token on a random color Spy Guess space. Then when your child lands on the matching color they could guess the Spy and you would be able to say yes or no. Remove the Move Cards though. This will help your child learn the idea behind the game  a little easier.

My kids like to take a Spy Card with them on Spy Adventures and pretend to be that spy!  Spy Alley Jr is a fantastic game that gets the imagination running. It is very easy to learn and quick to play. Kids can play on their own and because each game is different and quick kids will not lose interest or focus!

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“Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning.”
~ Fred Rogers

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