Moustache Smash! The hilarious game of smacking moustaches with moustaches!

Our Recommended Age:4+
Recommended Age:7+
Contents:6 Moustache Sticks 32 Moustache Card 1 Instruction Sheet
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Moustache Smash (yes that is how you spell it in places NOT USA) by Spin Master Games is hilarious and a lot of fun. You get to hold a moustache on a stick and then smack things! How is that not fun? The game is simple enough to learn and play and it is so much fun you won’t mind playing it over and over and over…and your kids can play by themselves.

Moustache Smash is seriously so much fun. It does say it is meant for kids ages 7+ but my 4 year old daughter was able to play with no rule changes and no one (but adults) taking it easy on her. Her brother definitely was not going to go easy…and she won the game we played for these pictures!

The box is just an open from the back/front/top depending on how you look at…but a side. It has those tabs that insert into the sides of the end that I can’t ever seem to do without bending one of them. There is literally nothing else to the box itself…though it is pretty sturdy as boxes go.

2015-06-01 20.41.29 copyInside it is just there…although it came with the Moustache Sticks in some cardboard stick type things that I might have needed to keep..I’m not sure. If I was supposed to keep them they would hold the sticks 3 on top of 3 in an X pattern….otherwise they just all go in a giant X pattern inside no problem.

The only other thing in the box is the deck of cards. We put these in a baggie but you could use a rubber band or just leave them in the box as it. They are thicker material than standard cards so they can probably handle just being thrown in the box and they will probably be shuffled already that way. We can’t do that due to my husband’s insane need to organize game boxes…most gamers suffer from this.

The Moushtache Sticks are plastic but that smooth nice plastic (It feels like a smooth plastic but we all know by now I am not an expert on materials) that is ok to touch and doesn’t scratch you. The Moustache part is rubber and the suction cup part is exactly that. Very well made and can withstand constant smacking and sword fighting. #ThingsYouNeverThoughtYoudSay “Stop sword fighting with the moustaches!” Yeah…that happened.2015-06-01 20.55.21 copy

They do hurt if you are hit with one so be careful of that…because of course that happened too…to me. Over all my only negative about the pieces is that the Moustaches smack hard enough to set off my security alarm in my house. Yep that happened too.

The kids….just the actual kids, not the big ones…were playing and smacked so hard my alarm went off! Not a negative of the game though, more of I need to turn the alarm off when we play from now on. BUT now for the explaining and whatnot!


To have the most cards in your pile when the main pile runs out.


Um…pick a Moustache and shuffle the cards then pick a Flipper or at least the first flipper. We usually just have one adult flipping cards but if the kids play themselves we make them take turns. Seems my son always gets the card when he flips…hrmmm?


The dealer or Flipper as we call them puts the deck in the middleish area but not where someone will smash it and send it flying everywhere…yep that happened too. Everyone has to have their Moustache where it belongs…under their nose! No exceptions and they are not eyebrows…those don’t count.2015-06-01 21.04.00-3 copy

It is important to know that there are NO turns in this game unless you are taking turns flipping cards. Otherwise everyone plays at the same time. The Flipper flips over the top card and puts it face up on the table so everyone can see it and has an equal chance to smash it. Whoever’s `Stache sticks to the card gets to keep the card.

Now you can’t just Smash whatever card you want. There ARE rules of course. You only want to smash the cards that have Moustaches on them that match your Moustache in either Color or Shape. When playing with just 2-3 people it is best to have different Shapes and Colors to make it more fun for all.

If there is a card that doesn’t match anyone’s `Stache then it moves to the side but is considered a Winning Pot and the next person who smashes a card gets the pot too. Now if you smash the wrong card, and it sticks (sometimes you smack it and it doesn’t stick) that card goes in the Winning Pot (or becomes it) and whoever did that has to put two of their cards in there as well. Ouch…and yes that happens too…a lot more than the adults want to admit.

2015-06-01 21.08.09-4 copyIf you don’t have any cards and of course if you smacked it but it didn’t stick then you don’t pay a penalty. This and the penalty rule apply to the Moustache Pass cards as well. If you smashed and it stuck then you must pay the penalty.

Moustache Pass cards are not to be smashed but instead everyone passes their Moustache to the play to their Left. That is a lot of confusing fun! Now you have to get used to a whole new Moustache! The Pass card is now the Winning Pot and play continues.

The Moustache Smash cards are fair game for every player. Your goal here is to smash it not matter what your Moustache looks like! Same rules apply about sticking though so just because you may have smacked it first doesn’t mean your Moustache will stick to it first.2015-06-01 21.11.40-1 copy


Once all the cards from the deck our gone the game is over. Everyone counts up their cards and whoever has the most wins! These include the Smash and Pass cards.

My 4 year old daughter can play this but first we let her choose her Moustache and then explained the matching and not smashing parts. We played a few rounds of Smash or Not with me just flipping over cards and her smacking them and telling me Why or her saying no and telling my Why.

You can always leave out the Pass and Smash cards and then add them in one at the time once the matching part is down. You can also play a single player game with kids like I did with my daughter. Just you flipping and them smashing or not. We did this for about 15 cards and she “won” if she had the most. If she was wrong I got them.


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“It may be that all games are silly. But then, so are humans.”
~ Robert Lynd

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