Spin, Twirl and Giggle with Flutterbye Tinkerbell

Recommended Age:5+
Company Site:spinmaster.com
Cost:$24.99 (Prices & Styles may vary)
Note:Requires 6 AA batteries for operation
Our Recommended Age:3-4+ with parental supervision. (Small parts. Risk of being hit with toy)
Contents:1 Flutterbye Tinkerbell flying fairy 1 decorative charging base and cord 1 information sheet
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Flutterbye Tinkerbell by Spin Master is everything a fun toy should be. Made well enough to withstand children playing with it, not annoying for parents and fun enough to entertain the kids for more than 5 minutes. In fact my kids play with it long enough to need recharging!

Both of my kids love the Tinkerbell movies and any toy that flies in the air so Flutterbye Tinkerbell was a huge hit in our house. Everyone’s favorite movie is the Pirate Fairy so I think the only thing better would be a pirate version of this…which would be awesome of course.

The Diva likes to pretend they are playing with Tinkerbell and she is dancing in the air…she does twirl. My son likes to see how high he can make it go and how far away…I think his goal is to get her tangled somewhere…which he succeeded in doing once….or twice.

The doll and base are made out of typical toy plastic. I swear she is made out of something more durable though. She will crash. It is inevitable. When the kids were figuring out how she worked they helped her fly into a wall and she just slid straight down.

I thought she was broken when we noticed a wing off but it snapped right back in no problem and nothing broken or even scratched! Well done Spin Master.

They designed Tink (and the other fairies I can assume) to have breakaway wings so when they do crash they are not broken forever. So far she has fallen, slid down walls, got tangled in window blind string, hit a bookshelf, smacked into our viines (we have paper vines hanging from our ceiling…that’s another story) and crashed into my face. Yeah I got B****slapped by Tink.

The base takes 6 AA batteries to work but they seem to last quite awhile and she just charges on the base. Just slide her tiny toes in the slot and plug her in. Both of my kids know how to do this and they both know that you can’t be too close when she takes off…or you get her tangled in your hair or just smacked in the forehead…neither of which is fun…Tink hurts.

I am not sure of the technology so I choose to believe it is magic that makes her go up and down based on your hand movements. I’m pretty sure the kids choose to believe that too and that is just fine.smtinkflutterbyereview (4)

They have so much fun just dancing around underneath her wondering where she will go and I love listening to them giggle and play together.

I love almost everything about this toy. I didn’t love getting smacked in the face…that hurt but otherwise it is fantastic. The kids can start her up and put her back all by themselves so I don’t have to “fix” her every time she falls.

These are fun, they get your kids up and moving, are NOT annoying for parents (unless it doesn’t like you then she seems to fly at you on purpose), are easy to use and tons of fun for all ages. These are meant for ages 5+ but my 4 year old knows how to play, charge and be safe with her. Just check out some of our fun with Tink!

If you are looking for a fun and interactive toy for your kids a Flutterbye Tink (or a regular one) is a great idea! Show us your Flutterbye adventures! @MyGeeklings #MyGeeklingsReview @SpinMaster

“Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”
~ Roald Dahl

Author: sandyz