Sleepy & Hollow a Halloween adventure story for kids.

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Halloween is our favorite holiday. Costumes, candy, scary things and creepy nights. These are a few of my favorite things. There are not enough books or movies for kids that are scary but in a kid friendly way. Then I met Wes Sturdevant and discovered his wonderful book, Sleepy & Hollow and The Headless Horseman’s Head.

All I had found up until this book were books on cute little spiders, friendly monsters and other Halloween (yet character specific) books. This was the perfect book for our family! and of course for Halloween. As a bonus for those of us living in Indiana it “celebrates the uniquely haunted neighborhood of Irvington in Indianapolis.” A haunted neighborhood in my city!

2014-10-22 20.42.27-2 copyAhem…that is just too cool and now I want to go visit it. Sleepy & Hollow (Sleepy Hollow…get it?) is a cute story that involves one of my favorite story characters, the Headless Horseman. The print is in a spooky but very legible font and large enough for kids to read.

The illustrations are adorable and a great fit for the story. They resemble (and quite possibly are) color pencil sketches but are absolutely perfect for this book. Just enough picture to help tell the story but not so many that you lose your imagination.

My son is learning to read and loves practicing reading this book and looking at the illustrations. He “reads” it without us sometimes and actually is either learning or remembering more and more of it. My Diva tells her own version too based on what she sees in the pictures.

This tale is set in Irvington, a neighborhood in Indiana (so cool!) that is haunted. The whole neighborhood is haunted which is why no one finds it odd that a cat with a crooked tail walks around (and talks) with a balloon that looks like a floating skull…and can also talk. I mean that IS odd…but really neat.

2014-10-15 20.30.12-5 copyThe balloon head is Hollow…hehe hollow…balloon full of air…get it? Hollow keeps trying to fill his empty head by reading books. A lesson I hope all kids will follow…filling their heads by reading books that is. Sleepy is a cat and therefor finds mischief and sleeps…a lot. I love their friendship because just based off of this one book you can already tell that Sleepy will spend his time finding trouble and Hollow will help him out of it. Too cute.

There is also a lesson in the story about not taking things that do not belong to you. This is a story meant for kids so it isn’t a harsh lesson but the lesson is there and one I’ve had to teach my own children. Parents can relate to kids finding something they like and trying to keep it, they simply do not know better yet. Which makes this book even more great.

“This is the story of how a strange looking cat named Sleepy and his best friend, a very smart balloon named Hollow, got themselves in (and out of) some big Halloween trouble!”

If you are looking for a new spooky story to read to you kids, especially in time for Halloween, Sleepy & Hollow & The Headless Horseman’s Head is the perfect book. I only hope that the author will be writing more adventures for Sleepy & Hollow.


“You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax, all you need is a book.”
~ Dr. Seuss

Author: sandyz