Ain’t no party like a Munchkin Party!, cause a Munchkin party don’t stop…until someone reaches level 10.

Recommended Age:8+
Our Recommended Age:6+ (with help)
Play Time:Various depending on players and ages and lots of things.
Cost:Steampunk - $29.95 Dragon's Trike - $5.95 Munchkin Party - $9.95
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Munchkin Party is a new expansion for Munchkin that is also has it’s own party favors!  That’s right! Shuffle the 15 new party themed cards into any Munchkin deck and enjoy all the back-stabby, treasure stealing goodness we’ve come to know and love but also hand out the other 15 cards to your guests, friends or those random people you talked into playing Munchkin that night.

Each Party Pack has 15 brand new party themed cards to shuffle into any, yes any, Munchkin deck you have. For example, we used it in Munchkin Steampunk and for fun also used Munchkin Dragon’s Trike expansion! Now that is a Munchkin party!

The expansion is just a small card deck box but since you will want to mingle it in to your favorite deck it won’t matter. We keep our Munchkin cards in a card box because we have a lot of Munchkin games….and love them all. I am going to focus on the Party Pack, Dragon’s Trike and Munchkin Steampunk Deluxe as our main game. I won’t be going over how to play since I have done that several times already.

Dragon’s Trike comes with, you guessed it, Dragon themed cards! The titular Dragon’s Trike card is a +4 Bonus and counts as a Steed. Various Monster Cards that are Dragons make for more fun and more treasures like the Level 3 Fairy Dragon which you can discard a Treasure to have it join you instead of fighting it.

My favorite and least favorite card are the same in this deck. Curse! Drag On… and On… and On… and it is exactly what you think. Until your next turn or until the rest of the table tells you to shut up you have to keep talking. If you stop for more than a few seconds, you lose two levels. TWO LEVELS! It is hilarious and annoying all at the same time and I love it and sometimes hate it but this is the type of fun that I love about Munchkin.

Munchkin Steampunk Deluxe plays just like other Munchkin games but with the theme of Steampunk which I love! Kick open the door, Fight the Monster, Loot the room and reach level 10 to win but this time with Science! SCIENCE! I love this theme and this version of Munchkin is also the Deluxe version so it comes with a board to keep track of levels which is so much easier for kids, beginners and those who can’t seem to stop accidentally or “accidentally” flipping their Level Die….looking at you….

The artwork is fun, colorful and steampunk themed and in true Munchkin style can help or hurt a player and causes unexpected fun and chaos. I think my only complaint is that the backs of the cards don’t match the Party Pack or Dragon Trike which match the backs of the standard Munchkin game. You will know which cards are NOT Steampunk Munchkin cards but since you don’t know which card is which I guess it’s ok.

Adding in Party Pack to any game is, well a party but you don’t need to have a party to play, that is just extra fun really. We couldn’t have a party when we played so we sent the party favors to friends and family that also play Munchkin to add to their decks. We travel a lot so it’s hard to find gamers on the road, but our family and friends all play so that was a fun surprise for them!

The cards we sent to our family and friends were the 3 sets of 5 cards. Killer Party, Dude (Go up a Level), Search Party,  Porta-PartyCurse! Party out of Bounds (-5 on Your Next Combat) and my favorite Faux Party (Play during any combat and that combat is over, no gets anything, discard everything played). These are a lot of fun to add to any deck which is why we kept a set and only sent out two…in true Munchkin form of course.

Throw yourself a Munchkin Party and get the Party pack now! Or tomorrow if you are busy right now…but don’t wait too long, this is one party you won’t want to miss!

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