Munchkin Legends & Oz: When Two Games Collide!

Recommended Age:Both games are 10+
Artwork By::John Kovalic (Both games)
Players:Both games are 3-6 players
Guest Blogger:Eddie O. (My nephew) age 14
Cost:Both games retail for $24.95
Play Time:Both games are 1-2 hours roughly but play time can vary
Contents:Same for both games - 168 cards, a unique six-sided die, and a rulesheet.
Our Recommended Age:7+ with some patience, help, and maybe not so much backstabby action right away.
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Steve Jackson Games is known for their line of Munchkin games and for good reason. You can play any one of them by itself or combine any two (or more if you are adventurous) to create an epic Munchkin adventure. My nephew, 14 year old Eddie O. started gaming with Munchkin and has recently decided to review two of them for me. Check out his review below and send him a shout out in the comments!

Steve Jackson Games has created a long line of Munchkin games from Superheros to Pirates. Each has a different theme and each is equally as fun. Two newish Munchkin games that came out are Munchkin Legends and Munchkin Oz.

One of my favorite things about the Munchkin games is that the rules in each theme are very similar. Because of that you can add together as many of your favorite Munchkin games as you want. For example, I combined Oz and Legends. Just be careful of the size of the decks you’re making haha.

banner (3)Anyway back to the important stuff, Munchkin Legends takes you back to many different ancient times from Greek mythology to the medieval times. You will also see some mythological creatures like the Minotaur, the Abominable Snowman, Cerberus and the Gryphon.

Munchkin Oz is based off of the well known movie/book The Wizard of Oz. You’ll see all of your favorite Oz characters – Dorothy, the Tinman, the Cowardly Lion and the Scarecrow but if you’ve read the books by L. Frank Baum or have seen the movie Return to Oz the game also has some characters from there.

In these two games each one comes with something new. One new thing that I think is just amazing is in the Oz game the lid is connected to the bottom of the box and opens up to the left side of the box. Great right!

Another cool new thing is inside the box of legends, it comes with a fourway divider, so now your door and treasure cards won’t mix with each other when the box is moved. Yet the greatness of these two games doesn’t stop there, the art in these games is very funny and very good.sjgmunchkinlegendsozreview (2)

For example, there’s a card in Legends called Stole Your Thunder, and in the art there’s a guy taking a lighting bolt from someone else haha. In Oz you will see your favorite characters like Tinman will be doing something funny on the card. All the art you’ll see in these two games are are all by: John Kovalic.

So as you can see…or read…whatever, Munchkin Oz and Munchkin Legends are two very fun Munchkin games. After reading this review I already know you’re going to go get those games right now, so I hope you enjoy.

(Me again!) Personally I think he did a good job, especially for his first review…now I want to go play Munchkin. Tell him your thoughts in the comments…but remember he is 14 and never wrote a review before…so be nice…thanks.

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“You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.”
~ Albert Einstein

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