Find the most SETs from anywhere with SET Mini Round!

Recommended Age:6+
Play Time:10 minutes (roughly)
Contents:27 round cards Instructions
Our Recommended Age:4+ (with help and not a speed version)
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SET is a fast-paced card game of finding a set of 3 cards that are…well a SET. There are no turns, no teams and no mercy….kidding about that last bit….mostly. SET Mini Rounds is a version of SET that has all the fun of the original in a tiny, portable, container.

Meant for ages 6+, SET Mini Round is great for any age really. It IS a speed game but like any game you can adjust to the level of the players…the Diva isn’t nearly as fast as the Gentleman but is catching up quickly. You could take the speed aspect out and it becomes a pattern finding game.

setminiroundreview-8This is a great way to learn what a SET is without the stress of being faster than someone…add that part in as they get the hang of the game. My kids can play together, although the Diva doesn’t win…yet.

She does get close which keeps her interested but sometimes we still play with taking turns just to make it a bit more fair.

OMG I love the tin! Seriously, when closed, properly, you can throw it in your purse, bag or even pocket (though it might pop open in a pocket) it won’t open easily…at least it hasn’t yet.

Push on the top of the lid to open it, you will hear a satisfying metal pop noise and you can lift the lid easily.

To close it put the lid on and give the sides of the lid a squeeze…again that pop noise and you can flip it upside down and it stays closed! There is a little, and adorable, bag you could put the tin in or just the cards but we love the tin…and the cards are super cute too! Small, circle shaped and not as thick as standard cards but perfect for a game on the go.

Now…on the how to play part!


Find the most SETs.


First get familiar with what a SET is..this is important…crucial to the game take the time to understand. I’ll do my best not to confuse you…but I promise nothing. There are 27 unique cards in the deck. There are 3 key features to be aware of.

Color, Green, Red, and Purple,
Shape: Diamond, Oval, and Squiggle
Number: One, Two and Three

setminiroundreview-18A SET is 3 cards that are either all the same or all different…but with each feature. SO either the color must all be the same or all different. The Shape is all the same or they are all different. The Number is all the same or all different. All at the same time. Example time!

You have a Purple Squiggle, a 2 Purple Squiggle and a 3 Purple Squiggle. You have a SET! The Color is all the same, the Shape is all the same and the Number is all different. Another one!

You have a 3 Red Oval, 1 Purple Diamond, and a 2 Green Squiggle you have a SET! However, if you had a 3 Red Oval, 1 Green Oval, 2 Green Squiggle you do NOT have a SET…the color on two cares are the same but not the same as the third.

Get it? If not you can take a SET tutorial on their website…I love that tutorial.setminiroundreview-27

Now, choose someone to be the dealer, this is usually my Gentleman. They lay 12 cards face up in a sort of rectangle shape. 3 across and 4 down or 4 across and 3 down.

The important part is everyone can see the cards and reach the cards. The rest of the cards go in a stack off to the side but within reach of the dealer. Now you are ready to play!


There are no turns. Everyone plays at the same time. As soon as you see a SET you yell out SET! and then you have a few seconds to grab the cards that make up your SET. No one can pick up any cards until that person has claimed their SET and the dealer flips new cards in place of the ones just picked up.

setminiroundreview-26If the person is wrong, the cards go back to the table and that person loses a point. We leave this part out until the Diva has a better grasp of SETs. She gets them but makes mistakes often enough she would get negative points sometimes hehe.


Keep playing until the deck is empty. You might have SET cards on the table that do not form SETs. This is ok, don’t panic. Count each SET you have and the person with the most SETs wins!

Not sure if it is possible to have a tie as we have not had one in all the games we’ve played…especially when just playing with 2 players.

Hopefully I haven’t confused you TOO much. If I have, sorry, maybe this short video can help clear a thing or two up…or confuse you more…let’s find out!

The original SET game has a 4th feature called Shading but the Mini Round they just have the 3 features. Also, they are circle…and adorable! We use SET Mini Rounds in our homeschool lessons as well. It is a GREAT “Math” game for us to play.

It is also a great Family Game Night Game as all of us can play! The Comedian and I  don’t find them quite as fast to give the kids a fair chance…at least for now. They do seem to get faster every time we play and I have no doubt will be winning very soon…while we wonder how that happened hehe.

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