Let’s play a game…first, let me take a Selfie of us playing…Selfie!

Recommended Age:13+
Play Time:20-30 Minutes
Company Site:usaopoly.com
Notes:Smart phone optional, play with or without
Contents:Over 360 Selfie Expression Cards A Picture Frame for All your Selfie Needs Instructions
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Selfie is a playful game of taking silly selfies (or pretending to) by USAopoly that will have kids of all ages laughing and seeing who can have the silliest expression. You can even take an actual Selfie with your phone to pass around during the game or to keep and maybe post on social media sites.

Everyone takes selfies these days, including my 4 year old Diva and almost everyone makes silly faces for them sometimes. Every time I take a silly face selfie I end up laughing at myself and my daughter cracks me up with the faces she makes. Selfie’s are just fun to take and now there is a game just for those of us who like to have fun taking them.

2014-10-29 18.24.33 copyI was able to throw a Selfie Party actually for a handful of teenagers at my local YMCA and it was a lot of fun. Adults would of course have fun playing Selfie but if you are looking for a game to play with your tween or teen this is a great one. Younger kids can of course make silly faces and if they ever have a Junior game of Selfie it will be ours but in the mean time the game’s recommendation of 13+ is pretty accurate. 11-12 would be ok but some of the references will be lost, although some are lost on most kids.

Someone read “They may take your life…but they’ll never take your FREEDOM!” which as you know is from Braveheart…unless you are younger and then of course you wouldn’t know it probably. These guys did not know it and I felt really old for a minute there but I was ok…I moved on and they had fun with it anyway.

The game comes with TONS of cards, instructions and a Selfie frame…which is awesome and I constantly want to make faces through it. We used this frame instead of taking actual Selfie’s for the group. There were 13 teens there for the game so we sort of adjusted the rules a bit. I misread a couple of things so we played a tad different due to that too…oops. Here was how our game went in all it’s glory and amusement.

Pretty funny huh? Here was how we played.


Be the first to score 5 points. Our group of 13 was a little different. Whoever had the most points after everyone had a turn as Judge was the winner.2014-10-29 18.40.44 copy


Shuffle the Cards! There are a handful of cards that you might not want your teenager trying to make a Selfie out of so I highly recommend going through the decks and removing any you don’t want to use before you shuffle and pass out cards. I did this for the teens at the YMCA because well they are teens…and it was a YMCA.

After you shuffle pass out 7 cards to each player. We used 4 cards each instead because of the large group and only had a small handful of cards left when we were done. You would just reshuffle if you run out though.

TheSelfieGame (17)The person who posted a Selfie online most recently is the first Judge. Now the real fun begins!


The Judge chooses a card from their hand and either takes an actual Selfie or uses the frame to show the other players their expression based on the card chosen. If you chose “There’s a spider on your shoulder.” you would look properly horrified in your pic/pose.

Once the Judge has posed or taken their pic (we used the frame for the whole game) each other player chooses a card from their hand that they think best fits the Judge’s Selfie and puts that card in a pile. Once every player has handed in a card the Judge shuffles them and reads them all out loud…which is hilarious. Then they have the difficult task of choosing just ONE card that they like the most based off of their chosen pose/expression.

Here is a gallery of our Teen Night Selfie Party

Think Apples to Apples but a live action version…or something like that. The Judge gives the winning point their card back so they can track points easier and the rest go in a discard pile. Everyone draws a new card and the Frame gets passed to the next player (clockwise) who is now the Judge.

groupselfie (2)

You can, if you want to make things more entertaining, shoot a short video of the Judge acting out the card in a quick 5 second video instead of a Selfie. I cannot even imagine how much more hilarious this would have been!

The group had a lot of fun and someone even got to win a copy of the game! There were even a few in the group who wanted nothing to do with a game that ended up enjoying this one. Fun for teens and adults alike, Selfie is great for family game nights and especially parties. I imagine it would be an amazing ice breaker game! Get your copy and take your Selfie then share it with us!selfiepartyreview2

“A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.”
~ Roald Dahl

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