Ready…Play Set!

Recommended Age:3+
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No you didn’t read that wrong….or you might have but I didn’t type it wrong. This game is called Set Junior and it is a great game! If you are like me then you don’t like playing Candyland over and over and over again but you want a fun educational game to play with your toddler or preschooler. Set Junior teaches matching using colors, shapes and numbers.

Set Junior is a perfect game for any age really. I taught my son to play side one at 2 and a half years old. He already knew his colors, numbers and shapes but this helped reinforce all of that and helped teach him addition, matching and social etiquette of gaming. He doesn’t always win but he now says Good Game when he wins OR loses. Plus he has fun no matter the outcome!

Yes, I said side One. There are two sides to this game and two ways to play it. Which means that as your child grows he can still play the game only its like a whole new game! I love games that do that.

Side one’s object is to collect the most point chips. When you set up the game for Side 1 play, you will see SETs in every direction on the board. A SET is for example Orange Diamond – 2 Green Diamonds – 3 Purple Diamonds. I love that the board showed various SETs so the younger kids could learn what makes a  SET.

Each player starts with 3 tiles and you take turns placing 1 tile on its matching spot on the board. Once you place a tile you draw a new one and if you complete a SET you get a point chip. If you complete more than one SET you get as many point chips. If you are playing with younger children you might let them get more SETs or encourage them on placement until they get the hang of the game and strategy.

I’m not saying to let them win every time but making it close makes it more fun and helps them learn where to place their tiles. Depending on their age you might want to let/help them win most of the time though =D. But NOT every time! They do need to learn its ok to lose and that its important to have fun.

Set 3

You are ready for Side 2 once you are able to identify what a SET is. A SET is three tiles either all exactly the same or all completely different. Same = Three red diamonds on each card. Different = 1 red diamond, 2 purple ovals, 3 green squigglys. Make sense?

This side is a race to find as many SETs as possible! Your goal is again the most points but this time you have to race against other players in spotting the SET and yelling out SET! then gathering up the SET and getting your point token. The dealer replaces the tiles grabbed and you keep going until there are no cards.

This game is “excellent for developing right-brain left-brain connectivity and increasing cognitive and logical functionality at a critical stage in a child’s development.” I just love fun learning games. Especially those that my kids don’t know are learning games! They just think they are playing a game and having fun!

To be honest I had never heard of SET until Gen Con Indy in 2012 when I discovered their booth. My son was taught how to play by the wonderful people there and we have been hooked since. I love discovering games like this right along with my kids and since we found SET Junior we don’t play Candyland over and over and over again. I cannot stress how happy that makes me!

Set 2

“It is fun to have fun but you have to know how.”
~ Dr Seuss

Author: sandyz