Buggaloop! The game of scurrying bugs but in a fun way!

Recommended Age:6+
Play Time:10-15 minutes
Our Recommended Age:5+ (With help on focusing)
Company Site:www.ravensburger.com
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Ravensburger is behind many of our favorite family game night games but one of their latest is a huge hit with everyone. Buggaloop is a fast paced game of luck where the goal is to get all your bugs across the yard first…but watch out for the Hexbug!

The fact that you have to rely on a die roll and a Hexbug that runs around doing its own thing with no control over it whatsoever makes this one of the most fair games for kids to play together. My 5 year old Diva can win just as easily as my 7 year old Gentleman or their daddy…or me but I never seem to win at games where I am not a bad guy…mwahahaha…

ravbuggaloopreview (2)The game comes in a box appropriate for the game board and in fact, once again, you use the bottom of the box as the board…holder? The game does not depend on this though so you could take it out, but there really isn’t a point and it is convenient. My kids just assume it is part of the game and leave it in.

Plastic and chipboard are what make up this game except the die which is wood and of course the Hexbug which is a tiny evil robot of doom…ok maybe only to me but it is a robot type creature that wreaks havoc on my little bugs.

My kids love the thing and giggle non-stop when we play…even when it’s their bugs getting shoved around!

The board that you play on is made out of chipboard and has two sides for an easy game (the side with the fish bones) or a slightly more challenging game. The harder side has more spaces for your bugs to have to land on which means more opportunity for the Hexbug to remove you from them. We use the easy side since the Diva doesn’t yet understand the idea of move and pass the die quickly just yet…we have to “gently” remind her to pass the die or move her bugs.

Only 4 people can play at a time (or less of course) and each color (Green, Blue, Orange and Light Green) has 3 bugs each. They are plastic and hollow in the middle so they can rest on any of the 4 posts in the middle of the board…those are safe areas and the Hexbug cannot reach you there.

You could do what my kids do if no one wants to play and just see if you can get your bugs over quickly or two sets in a certain time or fastest time. Like a time challenge basically…and practice for going quickly.

There are tunnels in orange and green that you easily attach to the sides of the board. They literally just slide in the spot and rest there. These are also plastic and resemble those that come with some Hexbug sets. That harder plastic that doesn’t bend as easily.

ravbuggaloopreview (3)I am not sure what the Hexbug is made out of but I think rubber, plastic, robotic innards and evil…a little bit of evil. There is no extra battery in this one but this type seems to last a long time.

We haven’t used any other Hexbugs in place of this one but I imagine if it is the wall climbing one you could…though really there isn’t a need since it comes with one.

There is a bag to put all the bugs, the die and the Hexbug but aside from that there isn’t much to storage in the box. The tunnels come off easily and just rest on top and the insert stays inserted on the board.

VERY easy to set up and take down for quick clean up…and kids can clean up themselves very easily as well. I like that. Now for the good stuff!


Easiest setup ever. No seriously take the lid off the box, remove the bugs and put the tunnels up. You are ready to go! Decide who is what color and put all bugs for players on the start area…that is the corner with the mouse on it. The youngest player goes first, much to the dislike of the Gentleman, turn the Hexbug on and put it in the entrance to one of the Loops and take your first turn.ravbuggaloopreview (4)


We usually have the Gentleman turn the Hexbug on and put it in a Loop at the same time as the Diva rolls to get the game going. First player rolls the die and moves 1 bug that many spaces.

You choose which path you will take and which bug you will move as you can have as many as you want at at time on the board. You can only move 1 at a time per turn but you can move 1 bug one turn and another the next.

Once you move your bug the next player rolls and moves their bug of choice and so on. Now of course there are rules for these turns so lets get into those.

If the space you are supposed to land on already has a bug on it then you jump over it and move to the next space. However, if there is a bug on a space that you would just “step” on and not land on it counts as a space.

ravbuggaloopreview (5)For example, the Diva rolls a 3 and moves her bug 3 spaces. The Gentleman rolls a 4 and is on the same path as the Diva so he moves his bug on the 2 empty spaces and counts the 3rd space, with the Diva’s bug as his 3rd space and lands on the 4th completing his turn.

If he rolled a 3 he would have landed ON the Diva’s bug and instead of doing that moved it to the space after…so he would have been in the same spot anyway.

Each raised space or post counts as a space and will be either landed on or counted in your moves. The Hexbug cannot reach you on there so if you land there you might think about moving a different bug first…though that doesn’t always help me much.

The whole time these turns are being taken the Hexbug is running around all crazy and if you can’t see it than you can certainly hear it running around under the board. It could pop out of a tunnel at any moment and bring chaos and giggling with it! Lots of giggling…ravbuggaloopreview (6)

If the little devil comes out onto the board the game is interrupted and all play stops. Until that thing leaves the main board area no one can move…and no one blinks really either.

We have a rule that if you rolled then you turn is forfeit if you didn’t move before it got on the board, or if you moved but didn’t finish moving you have to stop.

We decided that the term interrupted meant exactly that and all game play stops and when it goes back in its tunnel play continues with whoever turn it is NEXT.

Meaning whoever didn’t get to roll…or whoever saw the Hexbug in the tunnel and waited a moment so they could get a full turn. The rules don’t specify what “interrupted” exactly means so feel free to adjust for your family.

Your bugs may or may not get pushed around on the board by the Hexbug and there are rules in place in case they do. If your bug is not moved at all you are safe…and lucky. Any bug that was moved either goes to the same spot, another spot or the beginning again!

ravbuggaloopreview (7)It goes back to the beginning if it was pushed off and is not touching ANY space at all….yeah that happens a bit. If it is touching a space it simply moves to that space, even if it got pushed to a space further along…Lucky you! That happens to my son more than me…or anyone really….lucky kid…

Say your bug gets pushed to the same spot as another bug and both are touching the same spot when the Hexbug leaves…well in this case they both stay there and the players just move from that same spot.

If one bug is on 2 spaces at the same time then you get to move that bug to the space closest to the finish. Lucky you again!

Once all bugs are moved to their new spaces…or back to the beginning for the not so lucky, play continues but watch out for that pesky bug again!


The first person to get all their bugs to the finish area wins! When all four of us play we like to see who comes in second and sometimes third…guess who comes in last more often than anyone else? It isn’t ALWAYS me you know…check out our video to watch a quick game and see the crazy hilarious fun for yourself!

I love the game is never boring and as fair as a game can be for all players. The Diva has won a few games even though her focus isn’t exactly the greatest yet. We have to remind her to pass the die and hurry and roll and move her bug…unless she is stalling a bit on purpose..which is entirely possible now that I think about it…

The game isn’t really portable but it is great for game nights or when the kids want to play a game and you either want to play or don’t. They can set it up and play by themselves or you can enjoy a game or two with them. Each game can take about 10-15 minutes depending on how quickly everyone takes their turn and how many people are playing.

If you are looking for a fun game for the whole family Buggaloop is a great choice! It is one of our favorites on family game night and the kids love playing it randomly throughout the day.

Show us your evil Hexbug and the tiny bugs he pushes around! @MyGeeklings @RavensburgerDigravbuggaloopreview2

“It may be that all games are silly. But then, so are humans.”
~ Robert Lynd

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