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Aug 8

When learning and adventuring collide!

We homeschool and love museums! Also, love zoos, aquariums, art museums, botanical gardens and national parks. During our travels we try to see as much as we can while also trying to learn. I created a few booklets that my kids fill out when we go to these places so they learn at least a little something while also having…

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Aug 8

Tokens for when you kids refuse to Get Along!

When you have kids there will be fighting. I decided to make “tokens” for when my two decide to fighting is a better option than getting along. I call them Get Along Tokens and when they argue and cannot resolve it themselves or it gets out of hand I draw one for them. They would fight over who got to…

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Aug 8

Tokens for when your kids do a Good Job!

When you have kids there will be fighting, and not listening, and if you have a strong-willed child….sigh…Sometimes though your child or children will listen the first time, compromise, clean with out being told or do something that deserves praise and maybe a treat. I decided to make “tokens” for when my two deserve a special treat for being wonderful…

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Jul 7

Tokens for when your kid say they are bored!

Don’t you just LOVE when your kids say they are bored…especially when you have craft supplies, legos, video games, board games, toys, pretend play stuff, nerf guns and a thousand other things for them to do? Well I came up with a solution that works great for us. When the kids say they are bored have them randomly choose a…

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Apr 4

Story Dice Sheets!

These are the sheets I printed to use for our Story Dice. Two full sheets and one sheet about half full so there are some blank areas. There is also a blank sheet if you just want a guideline for printing your own. The sheets contain Characters, Monsters, Locations, Items, Super Powers, Animals, Transportation and even Ocean creatures.   Here…

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3 thoughts on “Printables

  1. I have purchased tickets for my 5 year old daughter in Feb 2017
    To see WK in Birmingham. Can you tell me is there any meet and greet
    At that event. She has watched every episode and has as much as gone to PreK
    And tell about things she has learned. Her teacher text me and said Lily Grace
    Taught about echolocation. She was amazed. I would love to surprise her with a M&G.
    Please help..thank you !!! Lori

  2. Just wanted to thank you for these fantastic WK printables! They’ve just taken a lot of stress out of my son’s upcoming birthday!

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