Boss Monster: Dungeon-Building Card Game for iOS & Android

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By now you should have heard about Boss Monster from Brotherwise Games (especially if you read this blog…I reviewed it) and probably have played it too. Well Brotherwise Games is not done being awesome just yet. They are coming out with a digital version of this epic game! I know. I feel your excitement but it isn’t out yet and you have a chance to help make it happen. Bonus: $5 pledge to the Kickstarter gets you the app when it is released!

If the campaign is successful Brotherwise Games will be able to create an iPad & Android tablet version of Boss Monster. The digital game will be take advantage of the digital format but resemble the tabletop version. For example game play will be pretty much the same as in the card version but you can play with up to 3 AI’s or use pass and play to play with other humans. Using Apple Game Center or Google Play you can even play online with other people.

There will be new “cards” of course including a new spell, 2 new Bosses, and 4 Room cards. They are also adding music and sound effects of course but the sound effects are “retro-inspired” by Power Up Audio.

Here is the video from their Kickstarter for the prototype (which I got to try at Gen Con and it was amazing!).

The Pledge Levels are as follows: (Information taken directly from Kickstarter)

Key to the Dungeon – $5

“With a successful campaign, you’ll get your KEY TO THE DUNGEON. Receive one iPad or Android tablet app key for the base version of Digital Boss Monster for less than your friends will have to pay after the app launches. This core purchase gives you the full 155-card version of Boss Monster — everything you need for endless hours of dungeon-building fun on your tablet.”

99815723f78d35e9df619b04d3142a1b_large copyThe Player’s Choice – $7

“Ever hear of those Kickstarter Boss Monster Promo cards that are now impossible to get? Well, upgrade to the PLAYER’S CHOICE and you’ll get an 11-card digital mini-expansion that includes seven Boss cards, three challenging Epic Heroes, and a game-changing Spell. These cards will never be printed again, so these digital versions are the only way to play with them if you weren’t able to get the originals! The Player’s Choice level will also get you access to exclusive downloads during the campaign, including print-and-play preview cards from Boss Monster 2!”

The Power-Up – $9

For less than ten dollars you’ll get everything from the Player’s Choice pledge level AND early access to the POWER-UP PACK, a second digital mini-expansion of 12 cards. It includes 5 more promo cards, PLUS a set of 7 never-before-seen cards designed specifically for digital play!”

The Extra Life – $12

For twelve dollars, THE EXTRA LIFE gives you everything from the Power-up Pack AND access to the digital version of Tools of Hero-Kind. This digital conversion of our 26-card expansion makes heroes doubly dangerous with magical items and weapons. But if you defeat these pumped-up Heroes, you can claim their Items to use against opponents! At this level, you’re getting EVERYTHING currently available for the tabletop and digital versions of the game.”

Paper and Pixels – $16bb76528ab17c992976feec369fb8d268_large copy

“Serious Boss Monster fans, PAPER AND PIXELS is the pledge level for you! Get everything from the Extra Life level AND early access to hard copies of the new digitally-enhanced cards being made specifically for Digital Boss Monster. In addition to your app rewards, you will be shipped a physical pack of 12 cards: two copies of four Room cards, two Boss cards, and one Spell. These cards are optimized for digital play, so the paper versions will require the use of tokens and dice. Shipping is free in the U.S. *Note that Canadian backers should use “The Canadian Version” to avoid shipping charges.”

Press Start to Play – $40

“What, you’ve never played Boss Monster? Don’t worry, PRESS START TO PLAY and we’ll give you everything from the Paper and Pixels pledge level PLUS a copy of the original tabletop version of the game at a considerable cost savings to buying the game elsewhere. Shipping is free in the U.S., and we’ll ship as soon as the campaign closes. *NOTE that physical copies of the game will ship in September 2014, NOT September 2015 as is listed in the rewards column.”

The Complete Package – $45

THE COMPLETE PACKAGE includes everything in the Press Start to Play level AND a hardcopy version of Tools of Hero-Kind, Boss Monster’s first expansion. Shipping is free in the U.S., and we’ll ship as soon as the campaign closes. *NOTE that physical copies of the game will ship in September 2014, NOT September 2015 as is listed in the rewards column.”

1a9d45e374edc10dbb3aea30c7cda34b_large copyJoin the Party – $46

“If you want to make a true impact on the development of digital Boss Monster, we invite you to JOIN THE PARTY. You will receive TWO copies of everything included in the Paper & Pixels pledge level, allowing you to share the digital Boss Monster experience with a friend. More importantly, you will have exclusive access to one Beta Key. That means you’ll be playing the game ahead of its App Store release, you’ll have inside access to private Beta Tester forums, you’ll be able to participate in two developer chats, and you’ll be credited in the game as a Beta Tester.

If you would like to Join the Party but also want physical rewards, you can add printed copies of both Boss Monster and Tools of Hero-Kind to this level. Select this level and add $29 for both (plus $23 to ship outside the US).

Note that there are separate pledge levels for Android or iPad Beta Keys. Due to Apple restrictions, the iPad version of this level is limited to 90 backers.”

Become a Legend – $1,000

“In addition to receiving everything in the Complete Package, one high-rolling backer will have the chance to BECOME A LEGEND. Personalize one Boss card that will appear exclusively in the digital version of Boss Monster — based on you, someone you love, or whatever strikes your fancy. This card will become available to everyone who pledges at the Player’s Choice level and above. You can work with us to immortalize yourself in the card’s name, mechanics, and artwork. We’ll credit you as an Executive Producer of the app and treat you as a VIP at all Brotherwise events. Finally, the backer will receive twenty physical copies of this card. It will take a truly dedicated Boss Monster fan to unlock this level, but we have high hopes!”product_link copy

Unlimited Lives Rides Again

“This pledge level is ONLY for those backers who backed the original Boss Monster campaign at the UNLIMITED LIVES level and above. With this pledge level, you have two options: you can just send us a direct message and we’ll put you down for a free copy of KEY TO THE DUNGEON, or if you pledge $7 we will give you all digital rewards plus the PAPER AND PIXELS physical reward. To access that level, pledge $7 but do not select a pledge level (“No Reward”). At the end of the campaign, we will send you a survey which will give you a chance to verify your identity and specify your reward.”

The Stretch Goals

“We have a number of exciting “hidden” stretch goals in mind, all of which we plan to reveal as the campaign progresses. Multiplatform multiplayer, audio enhancements, and animated cards are all possibilities. Our app partner is taking on major costs to create even the base game, so we’d have to blow away our numbers to reach these stretch goals. But if everyone spreads the word and the demand is there, we can make the game better for everyone!”

You can find out more on their Kickstarter page (link is the K at the top!) and for more information about the card version you can check out my review HERE. If you don’t already own the tabletop game now is your chance to grab BOTH for a great price. Choose your level, pledge and anxiously await the arrival of awesome with the rest of us.

“My childhood may be over, but that doesn’t mean playtime is.”
~ Ron Olson

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