Avoid the Sea Witch and Work together to get to Mermaid Island!

Recommended Age:Ages 5+
Players:2-6 players
Play Time:15-20 minutes
Our Recommended Age:3+ (With help)
Company Site:www.peaceablekingdom.com
Contents:1 game board, 3 mermaid tokens, 1 sea witch with stand, 4 wand tokens, 1 spinner, Instructions
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Peaceable Kingdom is known for creating cooperative games so kids can work together, have fun and there is NO fighting. It is a beautiful thing and the game is super adorable and fun. You have to work together (so everyone can be any mermaid) to make it to Mermaid Island but be careful to avoid the Sea Witch!

Mermaid Island is an easy game for kids to learn and because of the cooperative feature they can learn to take turns and work together as a team…we like to sing the “what’s gonna work, teamwork” song sometimes…we sing a lot of random songs.

The box is fairly sturdy and there isn’t much to the game but it is very well made. The lid slides off from the top and is easy to do so I don’t end up tearing it…like I do. The inside has a nice insert that talks about the how the parts are made out of recyclable materials and underneath that is a small bag with all the pieces. The lid has the instructions on the inside of the lid. Very neat and tidy although probably a bit bigger then necessary. It does fit nicely on the shelf though.

pkmermaidislandreview (2)The game board is standard well made game board that folds and has cute artwork on it with an easy to follow and understand path. There are 3 mermaids, blue, green and pink and each are just flat chip board (at least I am pretty sure it is chipboard). The Diva’s favorite one is the pink one…of course.

The Sea Witch is made out of the same material but is the only one that is on a plastic stand and is upright. For a Sea Witch she is kind of cute…but of course is the bad guy so you’re not supposed to root for her.

Wands for shooing the Sea Witch are also on the board and made out of the same material as the Mermaids but smaller…and wands. The only other thing is the spinner which is made of that chipboard and the plastic spinner…it spins…as it should. Now to learn how to play…


All 3 Mermaids have to get to Mermaid Island before the Sea Witch does.


Put the board where everyone can reach it and put the Sea Witch in her “home” and put all the wands on their spots on the board. The player whose birthday is coming up next gets to go first.


Play goes clockwise and each player gets to spin the spinner one time. If it lands on a number you can move any Mermaid you want to forward that many spaces. Mermaids can land on the same space as other Mermaids but NOT the same space as the Sea Witch. If a Mermaid does land on the same spot as a Sea Witch then that Mermaid has to go back to the beginning.

Any Mermaid who lands on the space next to a Bridge gets to cross it to the other side. Keep in mind that if the Sea Witch is there you wouldn’t want to go there. Now if the spinner lands on the Sea Witch then you get to the move her instead of a Mermaid. It’s just one space though so don’t worry too much.

pkmermaidislandreview (3)Wands are fun to use but you have to land on one to get it. Mermaids set them off to the side and can be used by any player. It moves the Sea Witch back one space but each wand can only be used once. If the Sea Witch gets it then it is just not used


The game ends when either all 3 Mermaids or the Sea Witch gets to Mermaid Island and either you all win or you all lose. My Diva can explain how to play this game although she confuses the wands sometimes but other than that she shows other people how to play.

We discovered this game at Gen Con this year and my daughter and my son both loved it so much we had to go every day…several times. They played other games too and while Mermaid Island was my Diva’s favorite, the Gentleman enjoyed playing as well…though he had a different favorite from them.

Mermaid Island is a quick, easy to learn and fun to play game for kids around age 3 – 8. Although 3 year olds might need a bit of help the game is easy enough to learn. The Diva just turned 5 and was explaining how to play to other kids at 4. If you are looking for a new addition to your game collection and family game night games this is a perfect one!pkmermaidislandreview2Show us your defeat of the Sea Witch! @MyGeeklings #MermaidIsland @Peaceable_K

“It is a happy talent to know how to play.”
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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