Paper Heart

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No it isn’t origami but I REALLY wish I could do something like that. This is a very easy and cute work of art that you can make with your kids.

For Ages: 2 & up

1. Supplies
Construction paper – 1 piece for the background
Tissue paper – (or construction paper, 1 sheet each) Red, pink and purple (or whatever colors your heart is)
Pencil, Pen, Crayon or Marker – Something to write with
Glue Stick

2. The Setup
Start by drawing a heart on a piece of light colored construction paper. (Or you can print one)

Next take red, pink, and purple tissue paper (I used construction paper) and tear it up into nickel and quarter size pieces. Put these into a small bowl or bag so they don’t get scattered.

3. Application
If your child cannot glue yet have them show you where on the paper they want you put glue and they can stick the pieces down themselves.

Have the child glue the pieces into the heart shape to make a mosaic looking heart for a special valentine!

4. Re-Play!
You can create anything using the same template. Draw or print a shape (dinosaur, fruit, animal, etc) and use any color of construction paper (or tissue paper) you want.

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.”

Author: sandyz