Paige and Paxton: Puzzling out STEM for kids through books, puzzles and more!

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Paige and Paxton are sibling puzzle pieces that introduce Science and Technology to young kids. There are puzzles, books, and activity sets that all work together to bring each topic to your child. This is a brilliant way to show young children the joys of or introduce them to Botony, Science, Technology and even Paleontology.

Paige and her little brother Paxton are two adorable puzzle pieces who live in Puzzleland where everyone has their perfect fit or thing they like to do the most. Each of them discovers their perfect fit in two separate books which shows not only what they like but how they figured it out. They are sort of like introductions to each of the topics which is fantastic for kids around 3-5 years old.

pnppaige (3)I’ll go over each book but first I’ll tell you a little bit more about them. Not the stories…I won’t spoil that too much for you. The artwork is very colorful and adorable and perfect for the topic and audience. We have the first 4 books (a new one about engineering is out soon!) and each has the same colorful adorable artwork and puzzle themed scenes and characters.

The puzzles are very sturdy. You have to really try to bend them…which I did and yes I bent one. Just don’t TRY to bend one and you’ll actually be fine. They hold up really well in little hands. Each of the 12 pieces are pretty big too and also very colorful so it is pretty easy for beginner puzzlers to do. There is one puzzle for each of the 4 books that relates to the story. I love when things like this tie in together!

The activity sets enhance the topic and are a lot of fun to do! Each book has its own set of worksheets including a cover or front page for the child to write their name. Or you could write and they can recognize it depending on how young your child is.

You can even buy a book, puzzle and the activity sets for a decent price on their website! We even tested out an app that brings the puzzles to life…so to speak. It turned them 3D and looked very promising. Hope they develop that further! Now to tell you about each book and puzzle set!

Paige Finds Her Perfect Fit:

Book – This one is about Paige. A 6 year old curious little puzzle piece who wants to find her perfect fit. Little readers will love hearing about Paige’s journey to figure out her perfect fit as she tries different things like drawing, cooking or trying to become a police officer. It also explains what Science is in a way young kids will understand and can even relate to. I mean what 3 or 4 year old doesn’t ask a lot of questions? I know my Diva does…Why? is the most used word by her right now.

The puzzle is a scene from the story that kids will recognize and is meant for ages 3+. The activity sheets for this book are all about Science! There are some color sheets, a connect the dot, circle the items that are larger or smaller and a maze! All of which relate to the book and are filled with the adorable puzzle Paige.

Paige Finds Her Perfect Fit.

Paxton Finds His Perfect Fit:

Book – Paxton is Paige’s younger brother and he is also looking for his perfect fit. This is a great way to introduce young kids to what Technology really is. Most kids think it is just tablets, phones and xbox’s but this book explains technology further which I love. Trying different things is how Paxton finds his perfect fit just like Paige did. My kids loved watching him try music, caring for animals and being a sales associate. My son wants to care for animals so that was particularly funny to him.

The scene for the puzzle was well chosen with the computer camp and robot. The Gentleman really wished the puzzle was for big kids. I loved the activity sheets. Color sheets, circle the machines and gadgets, maze and connect the dots. This set is all about Paxton and of course relates to the book.

Paxton Finds His Perfect Fit.

Paige & Paxton Go Green:

Book – This book explains Mama Puzzle’s perfect fit. Botany. It explains Botany so that young kids could understand what it is and how plants grow, what they eat and how to take care of them. It even covers photosynthesis and what it means and how it works. Now they want to have a garden. I’m ok with that except I have no green thumb…I killed a cactus once. True story. Plants and I do not get along for some reason but maybe this spring we will try.

The puzzle doesn’t have my favorite picture from the book but it is cute and shows their mom teaching them about botany. I like the activity sheets are filled with color pages, mazes, finding the same items and my favorite is finding out how many things plants need. Very well done all around on this topic.

Paige & Paxton Go Green.

Paige & Paxton Discover a Piece of the Past:

Every kid loves Dinosaurs and both of mine have been in love with digging for them since they were about 2 years old. This book is about Grandpapa Puzzle and his perfect fit, paleontology. It explains paleontology and what a paleontologist does to young kids very well. My Diva can’t say the word exactly but she knows it means to dig up bones. We are working on having her remember the rest.

This puzzle had the perfect picture choice. Grandpapa Puzzle showing the younger Puzzles fossils. Once again the activity sheets are fantastic and tie in with the book and puzzle perfectly. Color pages, mazes, and finding all the bones are just a few. This set was my kids favorite probably because of the dinosaurs.

Paige & Paxton Discover a Piece of the Past.

All four of these books and their puzzles and activity sets are fantastic for introducing young kids to various topics in science. I am always looking for new ways to introduce science topics to my kids and especially my daughter. There are not enough things like this out there and they even have a brand new book Penelope Finds Her Perfect Fit which is Engineering! I LOVE that it shows a little girl loving engineering.

Paige & Paxton have wonderful sets and they even have sets for classrooms! There are plenty of options for older kids to get them involved with science or STEM topics but not nearly enough for younger kids. These sets are not quite right for my son but my 4 year old Diva is the perfect age for them.

The puzzles are perfect for 3 year olds, and the books are perfect for reading at bed time or any time. We love working on the activity sheets together as part of our science homeschool curricullum and we can add to it with extra lessons and discussions. If you are looking for a fun way to introduce science to your younger kids these sets are perfect.


“You’re never too old, too wacky, too wild, to pick up a book and read to a child.”
~ Dr. Seuss

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