Use smart trading and careful planning to become the next King of the Isle of Skye!

Our Recommended Age:6+
Recommended Age:8+
Play Time:45-90 minutes
Artwork By::Klemens Franz
Skills:Auction/Bidding Opponent Anticipation Strategic Thinking
Contents:1 Double-sided Game Board, 16 Scoring Tiles, 73 Landscape Tiles, 73 Coins, 1 Starting Player Token, 5 Landscape Tokens with Castles, 6 Player Screens, 5 Scoring Tokens, 1 Cloth Bag, 6 Discard Tokens, Instructions
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Isle of Skye is a tile placement game that is all about the scoring. Your goal is to get the most Victory Points to become the King of the Isle of Skye. To do this you must be smart in your trading and develop your clan’s territory better than the other clans to get the most VP. The trick is that every game the tiles will change and what you score on will change as well which means no two games are the same!

MayFair Games already had our attention years ago with quality resource gathering games and they keep making quality games that are fun and often great for the whole family. Isle Of Skye is meant for ages 8+ but the Diva, at 6, can play. She needs to be refocused occasionally but does understand the mechanics of how to play. She doesn’t quite get the strategy and couldn’t keep track of scoring but does know what will get more points from the tiles.

I wouldn’t go too much younger on the game but if you have a younger seasoned gamer or don’t mind helping with strategy and making suggestions you could probably play with a 5 year old. You know your kid best but we always recommend adults play first for many reasons.

The game comes in a standard lift top lid box made out of sturdy box type material. The lid doesn’t fly off or get stuck which I like since I tend to get annoyed if I have to shake a box a lot to open it.

There is a cloth bag that you put tiles in and wooden tokens but everything else is made out of chipboard and the good stuff. The artwork is detailed, beautiful and a perfect fit for the theme of the game. You can tell a lot of thought and work went into this game. Now let’s learn to play!


Have the most Victory Points at the end of 6 rounds to become to the King of the Isle of Skye!


First put the game board in the middle of the table according to how many players are playing. In a 2-4 player game use the front side and in a 5 player game use the other side. Shuffle all the Scoring Tiles and put 4 random ones on the spaces A, B, C and D and put the rest away.

Put the Round Marker on the first spot, put the Coins in a pile nearby but not in the players way and then each player chooses a color…or clan. You get a Screen, Landscape Tile with a Castle, Score Token and a Discard Marker (the hatchet) in your chosen clan’s color. Put the rest of the colors away.

Your Score Token goes on the 0 space of the Scoring Track, your Castle goes face up in front of you but a little away too so you have room for your Screen. The youngest player goes first and gets the Starting Player marker and all the Landscape Tiles go into the Cloth Bag and give them a good shake. You are ready to play!


You have 6 rounds to get the most VP possible (5 rounds if playing with 5 players) and each round has 6 Phases. Income, Draw Tiles & Set Prices, Discard a Tile, Buy a Tile, Build and End of Round & Sorting are the different Phases. Let’s learn more about each! Well you will…unless you’ve played…I’ve played so I know so I’m not learning…maybe we should continue now…

Income: Every player receives income. You get 5 Gold for your Castle, 1 Gold for Tile with Barrels connected to your Castle by a Road and in the beginning of Round 3 you receive 1 Gold for each player who is ahead of you on the Score Track!

Draw Tiles & Set Pieces: After you have your Gold you will draw 3 Tiles out of the bag starting with the First Player. Put these face up in front of you and inf FRONT of your Screen. The other players will see the Tiles. Put them right up against your Screen or close by and behind your Screen set up the Discard Token to one Tile so it will be put back in the bag.

For the other two you will assign a selling price by placing your Gold in the amounts you want to get for each Tile behind them but still behind your Screen. Once everyone is ready you all reveal your Gold and where the Discard Tokens are.

Discard a Tile: Simply put the Tile that you had the Discard Tile Token on (hatchet) back in the bag.

Buy a Tile: Whoever has the Starting Player Token buys first and then turns go clockwise. You can only buy ONE Tile from another player. Pay them the amount they asked and they give you the Tile. If you are the seller you get the money from the Player and you get to take back the Gold you set aside for it as its asking price. You cannot spend that Gold on Tiles during your turn.

Do not place the purchased Tile just yet though…that is for another Phase. You can choose not to buy a Tile in which case simply pass and after all players have purchased or passed everyone takes the remaining Tiles in front of them and puts the asking price Gold into the bank or supply pile. Yeah you had to pay for it so choose wisely on the asking prices.

Build: If you purchased a Tile you have to add it to your Clan Territory and of course there are placement rules. The new Tile must share an edge with another Tile in your Territory and the Terrain HAS to match.

A Mountain has to match an edge with a Mountain but Roads do not need to be continued and can run dead end into a Mountain or Water or anything really.

A completed area is a Terrain type that is completely closed off by another Terrain type but not Roads. So if you have Mountains and there are no more open spaces to add more Mountain edges then it is completed. If you cannot place a Tile due to Terrain type not matching it goes back in the bag but you don’t get the money back…bummer.

End of Round & Scoring: Players receive Victory Points according to the Scoring Tiles of the current Round. The 4 that you set up in the beginning. Each Round will use one or more of the 4 Tiles so check where the Scoring Marker is and which letter it indicates is getting Scored this Round.

Once Scoring is done the Starting Player Token goes to the next player (clockwise) and that player moves the Round Token one space to begin the next Round. The last Round will have final Scoring but you won’t need to worry about the Starting Player Token…or the Round Marker.

Right now adults keep track of Scoring but the Gentleman can figure out his own score and the Diva is learning quickly how to do this as well. They both want to know how to figure out their own Scores so we just double check, answer questions and then help them work it out.


Once the Final Round is over you get VP for Tiles with a Scroll and each has different things that can earn you VP. 1 VP for every 2 Sheep, 1 VP for every 2 Ships or 2 Barrels, 1 VP per Cattle or even 1 VP per Broch (round tower). The Tiles will tell you what you VP for and how many you get as well.

If a Scroll is in a Completed Area you get DOUBLE the VP for it! You also get VP for Gold at the end. Well 1 VP for every 5 Gold but still more Gold!

The player with the most VP wins! yay! If there is a tie though whoever has the most leftover Gold wins. We haven’t had a tie yet but I’m sure it will happen some day. Both kids keep getting better and better at this game.

The Diva even won the Demo version at Gen Con this year! Her dad helped keep her focused and from telling the other players her life story…but not much help with the game was needed.

The Gentleman personally requested this game last year at Gen Con and has loved it ever since. He likes the selling and buying and earning VP by placing Tiles. There are a lot of elements to the game to like actually but since it is from MayFair I am not surprised. They make good games.

Isle of Skye: From Chieftain to King is a fun game of selling and buying tiles, outwitting other players and creating the best Territory to get the most VP. It is a great game for Game Nights, playing with a friend or partner and playing with kids without having to “dumb it down” so to speak. In fact we haven’t had to adjust the game play at all for the Diva!

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