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It’s Gen Con time! This year for Gen Con we’re doing something a little different: over the four days of Gen Con (the Best Four Days!) we’ll be highlighting five of our favorite family game companies to showcase their awesomeness! Yes 5…because I want to that’s why. On day 3 of Gen Con we are bringing you Mayfair Games!

Board games (and card, dice, tile, etc… games) have really taken off over the last 10 years or so and new game companies are forming all the time to take advantage of it. However, other game companies have been around a little longer and are a big part of why these games have seen such a resurgence. Mayfair Games definitely falls into that latter category. They’ve been around since 1981 and have released some of the most popular and highly acclaimed games around.

Mayfair Games have a huge selection of games currently in print and they pride themselves on having something for every style of play and level of experience. From quick and more straightforward games like Karnickel to more in-depth and considerably longer games like Caverna there really is something for everyone.

Additionally over the last few years Mayfair has started to create games that are specifically two players only. While most games are playable with only two players, a lot of them have rule changes or other adjustments for only two people. Mayfair’s two player games are great because they’re designed specifically for just two people so no adjustments are needed.

We have a ton of Mayfair’s games that see regular play at our game nights. Some of our favorites include:


Agricola is a worker placement/resource gathering game by Mayfair Games and my son’s new favorite for Game Nights. You have 14 Rounds to build your farm and get the most points while every other player is trying to do the same. Plan wisely and beware…you can lose points for unused spaces!


Karnickel is a super fun and cute game about rabbits, trains and of course carrots. Make your way around the track to collect as many carrots as possible by avoiding the train. Mayfair has another game that is now one of our favorites!



Patchwork by Mayfair Games is a 2 player game that has you putting together a quilt…well using tiles. You can only select from 3 pieces at a time and only if you can afford the buttons to pay for the piece you want. Making them fit on your quilt board is the hard part but it also makes this game super fun and challenging!


Check out Mayfair Games at #GenCon50 at booth # 117

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