Shove, Drag and force your fellow pirates to Walk the Plank!

Play Time:20 Minutes
Recommended Age:6+ (Box says 8+)
Our Recommended Age:6+ (Maybe with a bit of help at first)
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Walk the Plank! is game #2 in a series of 3 Pirate themed games by Mayday Games and one of our new favorites. You represent the dumbest pirates in the crew and the Captain will only keep up to 2 of you! Shove, drag, charge and do whatever you can to NOT Walk the Plank!

I’m not sure on the recommended age here as the game says 8+ and the site says 6+ but I feel like both are right in a way. In my opinion 8 is a good recommended age for this game mostly due to strategy but that being said 6 is also a good age to be able to play.

My Diva can play but she isn’t very good at it and needs a bit of help with strategy. The Gentleman, however, has beat his father, me, and his cousin (age 14) several times at this game….I’m both proud and annoyed by this…

maydaywalkplankreview (1)SO….under 8 can always try it out and you can help them until they understand or have them help you. That is what we are trying to do with the Diva but she won’t have it…she can do it herself…in all fairness she IS getting better at it and I have not doubt will beat me soon too.

The box is a lift top that makes a cool noise when you scratch the lid…well I think it’s cool. There is an insert inside to keep the cards and tokens in one area without sliding all around and we have them in bags to make it easier…ish.

By that I mean we have a bag with all the cards in it and a bag with all the parts in it. The main Plank and Davy Jones locker sit neatly on top with the instructions.

The pirates are wood pieces and look sort of like a meeple with a hat…pirate hat of course! They come in Red, Orange, Yellow, Green and Blue. The cards colors match the pirates and are standard card material…the sturdier card material. The kind with the fun texture and are slightly thicker.

The rest of the pieces, Planks, large Plank and Davy Jones Locker are all chipboard and have fun piratey themed art on them. Each pirate has their own fun personality shown on the cards and they always make me giggle…especially the pirate on the Charge! card…now let’s learn to play!


Don’t die..Bottom line is be the last Pirate standing…or at least the last one of two.


First! Find the biggest Plank piece and set it in the play area where everyone can reach. Now put the 3 little planks in front of it with Davy Jones Locker at the end. Not right up against each though…space them out a little and the instructions have a diagram if you need it.

Everyone selects a color and puts their pirates on the large Plank then takes their cards. Somehow determine who goes first….like rolling a die, rolling the pirates..the most standing goes first or paper rock scissors.


Every round will be played the same. Each player will select 3 cards from their hand to play and put them face down in the order they want them to be played. Whoever is first player hast he Captains Favor token and flips over the card that is first in their line (we go from left = first to right = last).

Complete the card’s action and then the player next in line clockwise flips their card and completes the action and continue until everyone has gone. Then do cards 2 and 3 in the same way until all cards are played. Everyone then takes all their cards back into their hand unless it has a Skull and Crossbones on it. These have to sit in a time out for 1 round.maydaywalkplankreview (5)

You cannot play them two rounds in a row so set them aside and play other cards for another round and at the end of THAT round you get them back again. After the third card is played and everyone is taking their cards back the Captains Favor token gets passed to the player who is counter-clockwise of the current player who has it…they get to go first next.

Sometimes you can play a card and not be able to do the action and sometimes you play a card and you kill your pirate…oops..yep that happens to me. It also happens to everyone else which makes me feel better. I will try to briefly go over the cards but regardless if you get to Davy Jones Locker…you are dead…if a plank gets retracted and you are on it…you die.

Shove Left and Right – One of your pirates shoves another players pirate who is sitting to their Left or Right (depending on the card of course and they have to be on the same plank) forward 1 space/tile thing. If you have more than one plank with other pirates on it you can choose…personally I always choose the option that makes them fall in somewhere. Also, if you are not on the same area as anyone else then the card just sits there and you do nothing…boo…happens more than you think.

maydaywalkplankreview (6)Shove anyone – Just like the other Shove cards but you can shove anyone as long as you share a plank with them. However, if the only pirate you are sharing a plank with is yourself you shove yourself…bad luck there. Again if your pirate is alone then you do nothing.

Extend & Retract the Plank – Pretty much what they say. You can flip over the closest plank to Davy Jones so it is water thus retracting the plank by one OR flip it from water to plank but closest to the large Plank by one if you are Extending the plank. IF you are retracting the plank and a pirate or pirates are on that plank they fall in the ocean! I like when that happens to anyone but me….my kids think it is hilarious as well.

Drag to Sea & Pull to Ship – These help one of your pirates move a space with another pirate (it CAN be yours) either towards the Ship (large plank) if you are Pulling to Ship or towards Davy Jones Locker if you are Dragging to Sea. You HAVE to have another pirate to move with you or these cards do nothing.

Run Around & I don’t wan’a die! – The Run Around card lets you move one pirate either towards the Ship or towards Davy Jones Locker but you HAVE to move one way or the other…yes even if it means running off the plank…which can and does happen. If you play I don’t wan’a die! then you can move one pirate 1 or 2 spaces towards the ship but it does nothing if all your pirates are already on the Ship.maydaywalkplankreview (4)

Charge! – Is my favorite! One of your pirates moves toward the Davy Jones Locker and in the process shoves one other pirate (even your own!) forward one space! If there is no one to shove then your pirate simply moves forward one space which can lead to you running off the plank on your own! This card cannot be the first card you play and if you do then you basically wasted a turn because it does nothing.


Once you run out of pirates you are out of the game but play continues until either two players have one pirate left each OR there is only one color pirate left. The Gentleman usually wins with 1 to 2 pirates left…but to his credit only brags a little. If no one has any pirates then no one wins! No points for last man dying!

This IS possible if you shove someone off the plank but then run yourself off as well…although we have always had just one winner. I think we could have had two winners once but neither wanted that. They played another round to see who was left…it was the Gentleman.

Walk the Plank! is a quick and easy to set up game of cards where the goal is not to the first to the finish line. It always brings lots of giggles from being able to get someone else to fall into Davy Jones Locker or from falling in yourself due to your own cards…it does happen a bit. Great for all ages over about 6 but perfect for adults and teens!

Show us the last pirate or pirates standing! #WalkThePlank @maydaygamesmaydaywalkplankreview2

“You’re off the edge of the map, mate. Here there be monsters.”
~ Barbossa

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