Marion County Fair Adventures!

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Indianapolis has a ton of things to do, especially in the summer, and one fun event is the Marion County Fair. My children were finally old enough to ride rides this year and we had a lot of fun. Rides, food, music and games to play are all a wonderful part of fair traditions. You won’t want to miss it.

All fairs may seem the same but one thing sets a fair apart from other fairs, atmosphere. If the fair’s atmosphere is subdued or calm it won’t seem like much fun but if there is music, people laughing and having fun you automatically have fun. This fair has that type of atmosphere.

The people at the gate were super nice and just past the entrance was a safety tent. This was really neat because they had a remote controled patrol dog in a car! A guy controlling him also had a microphone and could make the dog talk. My Diva loved this and had a conversation with him.

Radio Disney was there so the music was fun and kid friendly and they had giveaways at their tables. We hung out around here for a bit since the kids were dancing of course but as we started to walk around we saw a bull riding ride…that was a new one for a fair. I wanted to try it but then my kids would have wanted to. They are still too small but they would have loved it.

We don’t usually eat food at fairs but we came close. The smells sort of stick with you and those elephant ears always smell tasty. We like to walk around and see everything before deciding what games to play or what rides to go on. The fair isn’t huge but it was great for a one day outing. Long enough to wear the kids out!

After our tour we decided on getting just $25 worth of tickets and letting the kids go on whatever they wanted until the tickets ran out.  They always and I mean always will choose the slide. The one where you climb up steps and use a cloth to go down. They LOVE that thing. My husband took our daughter and my son opted to do the fun house type slide instead. Diva wasn’t big enough for that one. She could have done it though! She’s a monkey.

Here is a gallery of our visit to the Marion County Fair

We spent our tickets on those slides and this truck ride that they could go on together. They liked it so much they went on it twice! Once we convinced them we really didn’t have any more tickets we played games. The kids always play the Duck Game. You always win and the prizes are usually blow up animals or hammers or little stuffed animals. The kids also chose the ring toss game. That one is fun and you can get the family bucket for a decent price. We didn’t win though but we had fun.

The rides were mostly for kids close to the 42 inch height but there were a handful for my daughter’s height. My son was able to ride almost all of them. The ferris wheel looked awesome but my kids didn’t want to ride it. I was ok with that because I am afraid of heights but if they wanted to go I would have gone…for the kids.

We left just before it started raining but we had a good time. It was a great event to go to as a family we can’t wait until next year. The kids will be a little taller so they might be able to ride more of the rides. The fair is always a good time but the Marion County Fair seemed especially great for families and those with younger kids. If you have an opportunity to go next year you should, you will have a wonderful time.


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