Ghost Blitz 1 & 2! Two Games of Quick Thinking and Fast Grabbing!

Recommended Age:8+
Our Recommended Age:3+ (if you adjust)
Cost:$19.95 (Price may vary)
Skills:Pattern Recognition, Action / Dexterity
Play Time:20 - 30 Minutes (Possibly longer if you combine games
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Ghost Blitz and it’s sequel, Ghost Blitz 2 are fun quick thinking and faster acting games by Lion Rampant Imports. The main idea behind both games is to flip a card and either grab the ONE item that matches OR grab the ONE item NOT show in color or actual item! It’s a bit of a challenge but a lot of fun trying!

Both games are great by themselves but you can also combine them for an even more challenging game! I love when game companies do that! You can buy one or the other and they are basically the same game but with different alternate ways to play the game.

 Ghost Blitz has a cute little back story about Balduin the ghost finding a camera in the castle cellar. He starts taking pictures of things he loves to make disappear but the camera sometimes changes colors of those items…including himself! This is the setup for why you have to find the item that matches or the one not shown in any form (color or item) in the picture.

Ghost Blitz 2, however, does not have a story in the rules book and we don’t even know the name of the Ghostess. Her game has bathroom items so apparently she likes to haunt the bathroom…which is funny. Balduin’s game takes place in the cellar but the items seem more like a den, living room or a study. Though I guess the chair, bottle and book could all be found in a cellar…the mouse for sure!

The pieces for both games are made out of wood except for the mouse’s tail which is string and the towel in Ghost Blitz 2 which is made of fabric. Balduin is a bit taller than the Ghostess but both are cone shaped white ghosts made out of wood with painted on faces…Ghostess has eyelashes and lips to show she’s a girl hehe.2015-05-24 14.52.06 copy

The paint seems fine for both games and seems to match the items except the gray…in BOTH games the gray on the cards is a light gray and the actual Gray Mouse and Gray Bathtub are darker gray. I am honestly not sure why that is but it can get confusing especially if you are playing with kids learning their colors…more on how to do that later.

That is my only complaint with the pieces though. I love wood pieces as they tend to be better quality than their plastic counterparts…but that is my opinion. Each piece is adorable though that could be due to my love of miniature things.

The cards for both games are pretty standard card material and aside for the actual pictures not different. The backs are the same so you can combine them but the backgrounds of each deck is different so you can try to quickly tell the difference if you combine them. Ghost Blitz is yellow and Ghost Blitz 2 is blue.

2015-05-24 14.18.58-1 copyEach game is meant for ages 8+ but my 6 year old plays, slower than normal, but correctly and until he was ready I showed him a different way. I also adjust a version to play with my 4 year old daughter. You COULD play a version with a child about 2.5 or 3 by flipping a card and having them grab the two colors in the picture to reinforce or teach colors.

I will first explain how to play the game and show any differences, then explain how to play both together and THEN explain the way I played with my son and daughter. Sounds like a lot but there isn’t much to the games basic play rules.


Both games have the same objective. Be the player with the most cards!

2015-05-24 14.46.12 copySetup Ghost Blitz 1 & 2

Setup for both games is the same. Set up the pieces in a circle where everyone can reach them easily enough. Then shuffle the deck and put the pile face down where everyone can see the top card once it is flipped over. We keep them in a line when playing with my son as it still helps him.

For 1, whoever was in a dark cellar last goes first and for 2 whoever took a bath (not a shower…that matters in our house apparently) last gets to go first. I count my hot tub visits so I get to go’s like a bath.

If you are playing with both games together you would put the cellar set in a circle and the bathroom set in a separate circle but next to the cellar set.

Then if you want a game to last about the same as just one version take about half the deck of cellar cards and half the deck of bathroom cards and shuffle those together and place them in the middle of the two circles. Both circles and the deck should be where everyone playing can see and grab them.

2015-05-24 14.28.01-5 copyPlay – Basic Rules – Ghost Blitz 1 & 2:

Both games play the same if you go by the basic rules. There are some additional rules per each game which I will briefly go over in a minute.

One player (we go by whoever won the last card) flips over the top card in the deck and everyone including them try to figure out which item they need to grab and then grab it before anyone else does.

If the picture has an item that is part of the games pieces (in either game) you grab that item. So if the card flipped is the Green Bottle on top of a Red Book in Ghost Blitz 1 you would grab the Green Bottle because it is in fact there.

If no item in the game is in the picture you have to quickly figure out what item is not in the picture and which color is not in the picture. Then you grab the one item not represented in the picture at all.

For example in Ghost Blitz 2, if the card shows the Gray Frog reaching for the Red Brush you know that the Brush is blue and the Frog is green so nothing is in the picture. Now the Frog and Brush are out and the Towel is red so it is out and the Tub is gray so that is out leaving the White Ghostess as the thing to grab. Make sense?

If you grab the wrong item (which I do…often) you have to give one of your  cards you won to the person who grabbed the right item. We leave this part out when we play with my son as he is still new to playing normal levels and not quite so fast…yet.

2015-05-24 14.28.01-2 copyIf you grab the right item then you get to keep the card. Remember you want the most in order to win. Either way place the grabbed item back in the circle and that person (or any person really but this way is just easier) flips over the next card.

When I started teaching my son I held the deck and walked him through how to figure out what was missing. I made sure those were the only cards that were flipped for a bit while he was learning.

Then we mixed up the cards and he would grab the item shown or figure out the item missing. Eventually we were able to play together though he is still a bit slow.

2015-05-24 14.32.51-3 copyWinning:

Keep playing until all the cards are gone from the deck and then count them up! The person with the most cards wins! When playing with younger kids you might want to cut the deck in half or go first to 10 depending on their attention spans.

There are a few alternate ways to play which vary per game…but are similar anyway.

Ghost Blitz 1 has a version called Shout which involves the Book. We don’t use these when playing with the kids but when it is just adults it can get pretty hilarious pretty quickly.

If the Book is pictured on the card you HAVE to Shout Out the name of the correct piece instead of grabbing it. If there is no book then you simply grab the correct piece like normal. The rest of the game is played the same including how the game ends and how the winner is determined.

2015-05-24 14.54.16 copyGhost Blitz 2 has 3 versions that I won’t explain in detail.

1. If the Frog is in the picture you have to Shout out the name (like the Book in 1)

2. If the frog or the other item pictured with the Frog is in its original color than you have to shout out the item in a foreign language. Language translations for each item are in the back of the book.

3. If the card shows a towel then you have to find the item that is in the color of the towel and if the Frog is there you have to shout it.

No matter which game you play or which version you play you will still have to give up a card if you grab, shout or grab and shout incorrectly in any form. If you add all the rules for 2 it can get pretty confusing but if you add all the rules for both games and combine them…well let’s just say there were a lot of cards that ended up in the jackpot.

2015-05-24 14.35.05-1 copySetup & Play Adjusted for younger children

If you are like me you want to play these kinds of games instead of Candy Land or Hi Ho Cherry-O (both good games but get old after the 1,000,000th time you play) here is how I started with my daughter at 3.

Choose just one game and put the items in a line in front of the child. You hold the deck and will flip one card over at a time. If you are teaching colors first go over what each item is and what color they are, then simply flip a card and have them find the game pieces that match the colors on the card.

My daughter started playing this game at 3 this way but I had her find the color for the largest or smallest item..we were learning those at the time and she knew her colors. Eventually we would mix it up and have her find the items instead.

2015-05-24 14.35.32-4 copyNow, however, she has been upgraded. I line up the items in front of her and flip a card over. She has to find the match if there is one and if there is not we find everything that IS in the card and put it next to the card.

When there is one item left I ask “which item is NOT in the picture” and she answers. Playing this way is teaching her how to identify what isn’t represented in the picture so she can eventually play correctly.

She is getting faster at identifying the item NOT in the picture in any way. Usually she will remove about 2-3 items and then realize what is missing and say “This is not in the picture!” or more often “this one!!!” as loud as possible…but she is starting to get the idea.

Ghost Blitz and Ghost Blitz 2 both fit in one box for easy storage and transport. Both games are fantastic games by themselves but are also a lot of fun if you combine them. They are fun to play and easy enough to learn. You can use them for education, family game nights and if you are faster than your spouse as revenge for all the times he beats you at games! Or is that just me?

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“You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.”
~ Albert Einstein

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