Think fast and play faster in Logic Labyrinth

Recommended Age:6+
Play Time:10-15 minutes
Artwork By::Thies Schwarz
Our Recommended Age:4+ (With help and without the speed aspect)
Contents:30 path cards, 12 assignment cards, 12 treasure cards, 1 Die, 1 set of game instructions
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You have to be the first to complete a treasure map BUT there are “catches” of course like the paths have to line up exactly AND those paths have to be set up in a pattern that matches the tile shown…not as easy as it sounds….those paths can get tricky.

I love the challenge of this game though. It forces players to think quickly, really pay attention to what they are looking at and what they are doing rather than a mad scramble…I mean it still is a mad scramble but in a better way….eventually.

Logic Labyrinth comes in a small lift top lid box that is big enough for the tiles and the one Die that it comes with. Aside from the instructions that is all there is a to the game. VERY portable and the rounds are quick and you can pick up a game you had to pause making this a great travel game…maybe not in a car unless you have a tray in the middle and for the kids laps…but it could work!

habalogiclabyrinthreview-8The Die is wooden with painted or printed numbers and a Genie icon…you’ll learn about that later. The Tiles are not actual tiles but cards. The thin kind of cards though so don’t bend them much.

I feel like maybe going with chipboard would have been a better investment but the cards seem to work just fine. They are harder to grab when you are in a hurry though.

Not relevant to the game itself but the instructions could have been designed a bit better. They are easy enough to read and follow but the way you have to fold them up is a bit ridiculous….I shouldn’t have to open the WHOLE thing for one language…but that is just me whining really.

Logic Labyrinth is meant for ages 6+ and I would honestly say that is a good age to play accurately. 4-5 year olds could probably play if you didn’t focus on being done first. Just taking turns making the paths with the tiles allowed and matching the shape. So moving on to the playing part…which is of course the best part.


Have the most treasure at the end of 4 Rounds.


First things first…Shuffle the cards!! Put them face down in the middle of the play area then shuffle the Assignment cards and put them face down in the playing area. Now for the Treasure Cards.

You need to have a certain number of each type. There are cards with 1, 2 and 3 Treasures on them. There are 4 of each type of card and you need one LESS than the number of players. If you have 4 players you will need 1,2 and 3 but if you have just 2 players you only need 1 Treasure….with the 3 Treasures on it.

These are face up in the play area and the rest go into a pile to be used throughout the game. Now you are ready and the youngest player starts the first round!


Play moves clockwise…as per usual (mostly?) and is played in rounds. The Die is rolled and if you roll a 3,4, or 5 everyone draws that many Path cards and puts them face down in front of them. Roll again until the Genie is rolled…

When the Genie is rolled the top card on the Assignment Pile is flipped over so everyone can see it then everyone draws just the number of Path Cards shown on the Assigment Card.

The person who Rolled has the power to start the scramble…when they say “Go!” or whatever you want to yell everyone at the same time starts trying to use the tiles they have to make the shape shown on the Assignment Card BUT you have to also line up each card so they paths line up and are within the square of the card….I’d look at the diagram in the instructions for clarification…sorry…

Assuming you have succeeded in doing this you have won the round. Yay you! Grab a Treasure Card..a face up Treasure Card that has the most treasure showing…or the ONLY one if playing with just 2 players.

If you are playing with more than 2 players then the next one to finish grabs the next Treasure Card. This would mean the first one done would grab the card with 3 Treasures on it and the second player done would grab the card with 2 Treasures on it.

Once all the Treasure cards are snatched up everyone check to make sure the paths are complete and correct. If a player who got a Treasure put their Map together correctly they keep the Treasure.

However, if they did not…they have to return the Treasure card and whoever did NOT get a Treasure card now gets one for free! I have seen someone win this way…so check as you go if you can.habalogiclabyrinthreview-11

A  Round ends when all the Treasure cards have been won and/or collected. Shuffle all the Path Cards and set the pile up again for a new round to begin. Whoever was supposed to have a turn next gets to roll the die.


The game is over after 4 Rounds. Just 4 Rounds, making this a fairly quick game which I love. Whoever has the most Treasure ON THEIR CARDS wins. Not how many cards, but how many on their Cards. If someone has 2 Treasure Cards but both are 3 Treasures they have 6.

A tie just means there are multiple winners…which is ok. If you need an absolute winner just play best out of 3 games…we do when we do an adult or teen challenge.

Logic Labyrinth is a great game for fun and education. We use it as part of our homeschooling and helps the kids learn to think fast and pay attention to detail. Also, it’s very portable and perfect for quick games on the go or on game nights!

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“Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children, play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.”
~ Fred Rogers

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