Little Passports: World Edition Explorer Kit

Notes:Each Subscription Auto renews depending on your choice.
(3 months will renew every 3 months, etc)
Early Explorers (Ages 3-5):1 Month - $15.95 + $3 shipping billed monthly
3 Months - One time payment of $95.70 + $18 shipping
12 Months - One time payment of $167.40 + $36 shipping
World Edition (Ages 5-10):1 Month - $12.95 + $3 shipping billed monthly
3 Months - One time payment of $83.70 + $18 shipping
12 Months - One time payment of $143.40 + $30 shipping
USA Edition (Ages 7-12):1 Month - $12.95 + $3 shipping billed monthly
3 Months - One time payment of $83.70 + $18 shipping
12 Months - One time payment of $143.40 + $30 shipping
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Little Passports is a monthly subscription that can send you either the World or the USA in a box each month. The very first box you get contains The Explorer Kit which will help you keep the other monthly boxes safe and sound…and as a parent all in one place!

I was excited about getting Little Passports but also a little weary. You never know what it will actually be like when you get it but this is one subscription that does not disappoint. We recently got the Explorer Kit which is like the start kit and now my son is trying to figure out when he will get the first actual month. I’m even excited to see what is in it!

2015-04-26 14.14.21-5 copyThe Explorer Kit has the most important item in this subscription…the Blue Suitcase. The Gentleman wanted that suitcase the moment he saw it online and may be the only reason he is excited about learning about the world we live in. I’ll take any excitement over learning.

The Suitcase is pretty sturdy and has a metal handle and metal clasp to keep it closed. It has a spot on the lid to put your name. One of those “This belongs to” spots for kids to personalize it…he wanted to do that first thing but since I don’t like names on reviews or online at all…I made him wait. He didn’t like that much but understood and wrote his name in red permanent marker so I couldn’t make him erase it HA!

The Kit comes with the Suitcase of course and also comes with a map of the world with counties and their capitals. I love that it comes with a map! I have a map but it has tons of animals all over so you can see where they live. Neat but not great for learning about the world in general.

Every month you will get stickers to put on your map so you know where your new friends Sam and Sofia are visiting. There is a note that explains all that in the Explorer Kit too. I won’t spoil too much for you though…like HOW they travel. It is too cute though and we love it. You also get stickers to put on your suitcase which is awesome. The Explorer Kit comes with stickers of Sam and Sophia to get your started.

The Kit also has a Passport that you can fill out with countries you want to visit and things like that…also a picture of yourself. There are pages at the back to put Country Stamps which are sent each month with each new country….and it’s a sticker not a stamp.

A Boarding Pass is included that has a code to use with an online account so you can play games and even use the map that was sent! Each month you will get a new Boarding Pass with a new access code to unlock more fun games related to the country of the month. I love that it combines hands on learning with digital learning. I am not sure he will realize he IS learning he will have so much fun!

2015-04-26 14.37.49-1 copyA postcard is sent as well to collect and we are purchasing a small photo or scrap book for him to keep them in. For now they stay safely in his suitcase along with everything else including the Activity sheet it came with. You get one every month relating to the country of the month.

I don’t want to spoil it too much but this one has some word puzzles, information about animals around the world and you can find out how old Sam and Sofia are. This is a great way for kids to learn about other countries without realizing they are learning. My son feels like he is uncovering secrets!

The whole Kit is adorable and so much fun. I am not sure who is more excited to get the first country next month…probably him but I’m pretty excited too. This is going to be our Geography part of our curriculum for 1st grade…which he is now technically in.

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Little Passports World Edition is meant for ages 6-10 and is pretty much perfect for that age range. There IS an option for younger kids though so if you have younger kids I would sign them up too! I signed the Diva up so look for that review of her Traveler Kit soon! There is also a USA Edition for ages 7-12 which we will probably try as well after awhile learning about the world.

If you are looking for a fun way to introduce the world to your child Little Passports World Edition is the perfect thing! Each month you and your child can learn about a new country and culture together in a fun way. No matter which subscription you sign up for you will not be disappointed. I look forward to sharing that first month with you!


Let us know where your kids want to visit by posting a pic of them pointing to it on their map or globe! Use #MyGeeklings and #LittlePassports on any of the many social media sites we are on! If you already have Little Passports share your adventure with us!

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”
~ Benjamin Franklin

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