Let’s do the twist!

Recommended Age:3+ years old
Company Site:www.smartgamesusa.com
Players:Single Player (Parents might have to help)
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The Twisterz Alphabet Matcher that is! This game is a really good fit for preschoolers ages 4-5 and any child who knows their letters and are working on phonics. Also, it is quiet, requires no batteries, quiet and is educational in so many areas! Did I mention quiet?

Twisterz doesn’t come with a box that you can reuse, which is honestly it’s only real downside. I use a large zip lock bag to contain this games 1 tube and 24 rings with various letters and pictures. Which doesn’t actually zip…but aside from that kids seemed to enjoy the game and I enjoyed the quiet while they worked on it.

To play the game kids select a letter that they want to work on, A for example, and then twist the picture rings to match the letter sound, so “A” matches to astronaut, apple, ant, etc. Twisterz Alphabet not only helps kids with letter recognition and sounds it also teaches skills like logic, motor skills, problem solving skills, hand/eye coordination and focus.

My son’s preschool class at the local YMCA borrowed this game for a few days and then lent it to the Pre-K class room. In his class the ages are 4-5 with varying educational levels. All knew their letters and the class was working on sounds and phonics. This game helped reinforce or teach that skill and was also fun for everyone.

Preschool has various stations (tables with different learning centers) and this game was one of them. All the kids loved being able to twist and match sounds of pictures with the letter and his teacher loved being able to have a tool for letter reviews. They identified a letter and then twisted to all the correct pictures together. She said the only negative thing was that some of the pictures were a little hard for kids to identify. They still had a lot of fun with it and over all both class rooms agreed it was a great game and educational tool. I can’t wait for my 2 yr old daughter to start playing too!

Did I mention it gets quiet when they play this?

“There’s no limit to how much you’ll know, depending how far beyond zebra you go.”
~ Dr Suess

Author: sandyz