Our Awesome adventure at LEGO KidsFest!

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LEGO KidsFest came to Indy and we were lucky enough to get to go and oh boy was it awesome! Brick pile, games, challenges, building the USA, and LEGO statues made out of LEGO bricks were just a few things things we saw. If you are or have a fan of LEGO this is the event you have been waiting for!

Our whole family loves LEGO and playing and building. My daughter is just getting started on LEGO and my son has a decent collection on his own. Santa even brought the whole family the LEGO Castle last year! Naturally when we found out we were getting to go to LEGO KidsFest we were beyond excited and they did not disappoint.

2014-11-07 21.04.20-2 copyLEGO KidsFest was the Indianapolis Convention Center so we were used to the parking and walking situations already. There were signs or employees to ask in case you came in on the opposite end of the center and once you got close to the hall there was a booth to get tickets or ask questions. We arrived a little after 4 so we were lucky enough to miss the long lines to get it.

To the right of the entry way we noticed a movie screen with seating but my kids were way to excited to sit. It looked like LEGO The Hobbit though! I love the LEGO video games…ok well our entire family does but the Geeklings moved us along before I could catch any of it.

Immediately to the left of the entry way was a Lost Parents Zone which I thought was brilliant. I am always showing my kids the areas or people they can look for if we get separated. There is nothing scarier!

Their booth had cards that you could fill out with your name (not your child’s) and your phone number to keep in your child’s pocket or shoe in case they got separated from you. I know I feel safer when an event has something like this in place. To me it means they know that, through no fault of anyone, this sometimes happens and they have a system set up for it.

2014-11-07 17.42.12-1 copyAfter checking out the booth and letting the kids know to go there, find an employee or security just in case, we went exploring. Boy was there a lot to see! As soon as you enter there are life-size statues built out of LEGO bricks. Emmet and Wyldstyle from the LEGO Movie along with the logo from the movie all out of LEGO bricks! To top that off though they had Emmet and Wyldstyle in Cosplay too!

LEGO Batman complete with flowing cape, DC Super Heroes LEGO display (life-sized), Buzz and Woody, LEGO Indiana Jones, LEGO Hulk, a LEGO Zebra, Groot, Lightning McQueen, Dragon with light up eyes, Gandalf, Bilbo, Cinderella, and Lord Business! That was just a few…I cannot even begin to imagine the skill and patience it takes to make those. Not to mention the planning!

There was a DUPLO section with a DUPLO brick pile and building area complete with DUPLO built riding cars! My kids were both a bit big for DUPLO but it looked like a great section for little ones! We did see the LEGO brick pile and while it looked like a LOT of fun it was very crowded. We also didn’t get to do the Brick Battle Zone as we spent our time on the many other activities but it looked like fun.2014-11-07 18.11.52-2 copy

One of the first things we did was visit the Challenge Zone! The host gave everyone a challenge to build something and they had certain rules to win a prize. Everyone at the table HAD to participate but you could build together or separate. You also had to smile! They said only one person wins but in reality everyone got a prize which was nice. Our challenge was to build our favorite super hero. My son built spider man and my daughter helped daddy build Superman. The prize was an awesome mini-fig set from the Chima series!

They had a LEGO Friends area complete with giant castle and a LEGO brick Cinderella. Plenty of areas to build with those and if you went into one of the areas, built a building and showed the LEGO employee you got a free Rapunzel mini-fig set! My kids were excited to get those too.2014-11-07 18.01.09-1 copy

They had a LEGO store which was both awesome and upsetting…we did leave with a LEGO set each. Well the kids got a set anyway. They had SO many sets for sale! I want to win the lottery and buy all the LEGO sets…and bricks…and everything. Dreams are fun…but moving on.

We created LEGO art using a small square as the canvas and the kids each created their own masterpiece. They battled Ninjago style by building mini-figs with weapons and using a spinning arena fought to the break! Meaning they fought til all the mini-figs fell apart…which was really pretty neat. They got to shoot at Lord Business and other LEGO Movie bad guys using Benny’s Spaceship! It was a cool little game and the spaceship acted as sort of a missile launcher.

Anyone could help create the USA by building anything they wanted on square bases. My kids each contributed their masterpieces and in return got an amazing Chima Speedorz score kit. There were some pretty neat builds out there too. A friend of my husband’s built the white house with his son! A creeper from Minecraft, the Eiffel Tower, giant letters, all kinds of towers and buildings and some (like my kids) clearly made by little builders. I only wish I could have seen the end result!legokidsfestside

There were TWO (at least) photo opportunities provided by LEGO Kidsfest that were free and you got to keep the picture! One was by LEGO Friends and it was a 4 picture photo booth. You took 4 pictures and they came out on a pink 4×6 photo with 3 princesses on them, who happen to be 3 of the Diva’s favorites (Tiana and of course Elsa and Anna are the only other favorites). We had one happy picture and then had fun making faces!

The second one was a Spiderman photo op! Giant LEGO brick Spidey on a wall with a window! The kids got to pose in the window or around it and an employee took a picture that you got to keep. My kids decided NOT to smile for that one….and wanted to look up at Spiderman. Both options were awesome and wonderful keepsakes.

There was an area to build whatever you wanted and when you were done you got to put it in a display case with a tag and your name like it was art. The kids LOVED that and it made every kid there feel super special.

The Chima area had places to build and race or try to jump through and into things for their Speedor. In the land of Chima all must master the Speedor challenges in order to gather the life force of CHI. We haven’t seen much of the show but now my kids both want to watch it. They had a blast using the Speedorz though! My Gentleman figured out how to do it before I did. My Diva even mastered it! Their aim wasn’t exactly great but they could pull the cords and let their Speedorz fly which was of course the fun part.2014-11-07 20.38.23-4 copy

My son’s favorite area ever was the Race Ramp area. Build your own car and race it down a track. Both my Geeklings built their very own cars without any help (except the Diva needed help putting wheels together) and then had so much fun racing them and rebuilding them. There were chairs for parents on the sides but we actually built our own too…Big kids right?

My favorite area was the LEGO Fusion area. They gave you a base and you got to build the front of a building on it. Any way you wanted but only the front with a door or windows or both or whatever. Then, and this is the cool part, you got to upload it into the LEGO Fusion Town Master app and it finishes building your house based on your design! Then you get to run around and visit other people’s builds and get coins and all kinds of things. I want this app. Build your own buildings using the base, scan it in and play!

kidsfestMonochromatic building was my husband’s favorite area and admittedly kind of neat. We built a robot using only green LEGO bricks. Every amazing piece was entirely out of green LEGO bricks and it was awesome!

There was a Reading area for kids to chill out a bit and read or get read too. Mine of course didn’t want to sit still long enough to be read to so we skipped that relaxing looking area.

LEGO Hero Factory had tables where you could build your own Hero or Villain and add it to the City. Both kids loved that one too.

We got to meet a LEGO Master Builder! He helped build the Hulk LEGO statue at KidFest. Which was HUGE!

I asked what it took to become a Master Builder and was shocked to learn that some type of Art Degree is extremely helpful. After hearing it though it made sense. You are essentially creating wonderful pieces of art using LEGO bricks. Patience is also key…which is why I might not be a Master Builder but my Gentleman says he wants to be one when he grows up. Better get more LEGO bricks!

I am sure I am leaving things out as there was SO much to see and do so instead here is a photo gallery of our Awesome Adventure (For the record I was saying awesome for longer than that movie came out…just saying).

Here is a gallery of our LEGO Kidsfest adventure.

 Activities may vary from city to city. All content is subject to change without notice.

I can’t imagine a more fun event for LEGO fans and the best news is it could be at a city near you!

Upcoming events:

Arizona | February 27-March 1, 2015
Missouri | March 20–22, 2015
Tennessee | April 17–19, 2015
Texas | September 4–6, 2015

If you have a chance to go I highly recommend it. We had such a wonderful time and it was so much fun for the ENTIRE family. I cannot wait to go again next year (hopefully it comes back to Indy!).


“My childhood may be over, but that doesn’t mean playtime is.”
~ Ron Olson

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