Lalaloopsy Birthday Party!

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My daughter, The Diva, turned 3 in September and since she LOVES playing with her mini loopsy dolls that was the theme we went with. We had a Lalaloopsy party. There isn’t a lot of Loopsy themed birthday party things in stores but I couldn’t just buy stuff for it anyway. I get SO many ideas so I HAD to make as much as possible. Basically I had to spend at least a month making everything for this party. Mostly because (despite what everyone thinks) I have NO time whatsoever! So…it took a little over a month to get and make everything. Except the rainbow spaghetti…that took hours on the day before so it was fresh. Doing things this way saved money too…just not time.

invite copyThe Invites:

I wanted something that wasn’t just printed this time. I tend to just dig out the graphic design skills and create invites and print them. With Loopsy as the theme I wanted to use buttons, thread, ribbon and anything else I could! I took it back a step or two though and just did buttons, a little ribbon and attachment printed pieces for effect.

SO what I ended up with was a digital invitation that I printed and mailed to family and friends. For those getting a personally delivered invite (by the Diva herself) I went with the crafty one.

I printed the yellow dotted part with the Loopsy logo and the RSVP (yes I blocked my address and daughters real name) info. Then printed the Come Celebrate part and using my Silhouette machine (best. investment. ever!) I cut the shape out. Then I simply cut the shape out of orange paper and cut 4×6 orange rectangles.

Once everything was printed and cut I simply grabbed a glue stick, hot glue gun (for buttons and ribbon) and some 3D dots for the raised look and assembled! Viola! It added that special homemade Loopsy style I was looking for.

IMG_20130922_120810 copy

The Decorations:

For her birthday banner I used my (Fabulous!) Silhouette to cut out “Happy Birthday Diva” (well her name) and glued them to paper plates. I alternated the color of the plates in a pattern…cause well I’m me and that’s what I do. I then hole punched small holes on the sides of plates and used yellow balloon ribbon to thread them together. I did all three words on their own separate strands of ribbon and curled the ends. The font I used was Curlz. Too cute!I completely forgot to take pics of the decorations in my living room where half the party took place. I had colored paper plates with hole punched black circles to make them look like giant buttons. I taped them to my wall all over the place. There were orange, green, blue and pink plates and I used painters tape to protect my walls.

The Craft:

It was a Lalaloopsy party so of COURSE I needed a craft! I decided to get mini canvases. 5×7 in packs of 3 and I got them half off at Joann’s! I LOVE sales! I laid them out with various craft supplies like Elmer’s glue, shiny sequence things, feathers, crayons, markers, gems, pom poms, foam shapes and of course BUTTONS! I had a little sign that said Button Art Station.  This was a HUGE hit! Each kid was able to do at least one art piece and take it home to put on their wall.LoopsyComic

The Food:

We weren’t going to serve food and instead just serve snacks, but I REALLY wanted rainbow spaghetti! SO my husband made a ton of various colored spaghetti the day before and mixed it into a big foil tray. I don’t cook. I may have mentioned that I don’t cook. I hate it in fact so I leave that to him. He is MUCH better at it too! Anyway…moving on. We had a fruit tray and I tried to do that fruit in a rainbow shape, but that didn’t go well. We had bread and butter to go with the spaghetti and then pretty much tons of candy out to munch on =D.IMG_20130922_195133 copy

For the cake I went with my usual cake pops of course but we also had cupcakes. Hard to believe but not everyone likes cake pops. Weird huh? The cake pops (2 batches!) were funfetti with chocolate frosting dipped orange with yellow sprinkles and yellow sugar sheet  swirls and buttons. The other batch was same cake and frosting dipped in green with blue sprinkles and blue sugar sheet swirls and buttons. Some had just sprinkles, some had buttons and sprinkles and some had swirls and sprinkles. It was soo cute.

The cupcakes were funfetti with chocolate frosting and larger sugar pastel sprinkles. I of course had them displayed on one side of the treat bags with cake pops on the other. I’m a big “over the top” kind of person so I had a nice little display.

The Treat Bags:

So I did go overboard here…maybe. I purchased the multi colored bags found at craft stores. I printed and cut my own labels to glue together and glue onto the bags. They said “Thank you sew much for celebrating Diva’s 3rd Birthday” Yeah yeah…cheesy saying could NOT be left out lol. 


Inside the treat bags were pixie sticks, jolly rancher taffy size candy, mini twizzlers, homemade candy/chocolate button suckers, homemade gummy candy in button and swirl shapes in a baggie with their own custom labels, custom printed and put together color books, crayons, little rainbow spikey balls, a baggy with a mini kit to make your own necklace with your initial (I already had all the beads and stuff so I just put it in a baggy), mini pinwheels, tiny bubbles with a custom printed and taped wrapper with the Diva’s name on it and for the girls custom handmade loopsy hair bows and for the boys handmade bracelets made out of old ties.

We opened presents, ate our cake pops and cupcakes and I gave the kids their treat bags while they were all still there. Mostly so I could see what they all thought of them LOL. Yeah…I love it when the kids start opening the treat bags and get all excited =D. 

The party seemed to go very well and my little Diva had a blast with all our friends and family. I hope to do tutorials for the different pieces later so keep checking.



“We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.”
~ Roald Dahl

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