The most wonderful night at the Indianapolis Zoo for Christmas at the Zoo!

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We try to go every year to the Indianapolis Zoo’s holiday event, Christmas the Zoo. It seems to get better and better every year and we look forward to seeing how much they put into it. Lights everywhere, a new dolphin show, cookie decorating and of course Santa. Every year the magic of Christmas comes to the zoo and every year they go the extra mile to bring that magic to everyone.

There are Christmas lights everywhere and it is beautiful! Get your photo taken at the gates for a great holiday keepsake or continue walking and checking out the lights. There are several displays and cut out signs to get your pictures by as well so don’t miss those!

xmasindyzoo15Our adventure began around 4 with all the Holiday stuff starting at 5 and a dolphin show at 6:30..which we of course had tickets for. We were sure what all was open but we new we wanted to check out the Oceans, the Forest, The Desert and Santa of course.

We went into the Oceans exhibit first…not because it was too cold to be outside but the kids love petting the sharks. There was a cute display in the little pond where people throw pennies. There were penguins and a little tree with lights. My favorite is the Jellyfish but we barely got to look at them on our way to the sharks.

After petting sharks for what seemed like forever…we had to wait til all four kids got to pet one…twice..then we ventured to the penguins. We did stop and find Nemo and the Sea Horses on the way and of course the sanitizer…that is important.

The penguins were playful as usual and after some giggling we tried to find the Polar Bear…which was outside. I believe he was sleeping but that’s ok we did get to see the walrus. We decided to check out the forest animals next and they were all very lively! The Red Panda was moving around! First time I have ever seen that…no really I think it sleeps during the day.

We decided it was time to visit Santa at that point so we could watch the Dolphin show right after and made our way to the White River Gardens. It’s located off to the right of the entrance and in there is where you will find some of the most beautiful gardens around but also, Santa Claus. There is usually a decent line of course but he spends equal time with all the kids.

About halfway through the line you can make cute gift tag to put on a present and help occupy kids.I love that they do that because about that time is when kids get more anxious. They can see Santa but still have a ways to go. The prices on the photos are sort of high but the pictures and keepsakes are of very good quality.

xmasindyzoo15 (19)We got the frame with our picture last year and LOVE it. It is made out of resin (I believe) and has a lot of detail and looks hand painted. The picture was of both of my kids looking and smiling sort of laughing really, at Santa and is too adorable.

This year their options were even more adorable but of course my kids wanted to see Santa separate from each other.

After you are done visiting with Santa you can look around shop at the gift shop, purchase and decorate a cookie nearby or get your photo in one of those board painting with the face cut out…those are too cute.

I think there was a penguin one there this year. Once you are done visiting Santa you can head over the do the Zoo for even more Holiday fun!

We hurried to the Dolphin show after visiting Santa and were not disappointed at all. The songs were fun and they had all the dolphins out! I think they did anyway but if not they sure had a lot. It was amazing to see 5 dolphins do a flip at the same time! So worth it to check out the show but especially around the holidays.

The Desert was our last stop before we had to go and it was dark in there…but warm. Most of the animals were sleeping and those that were not we could barely see but the kids were happy they got to see all the turtles and lizards with festive lighting. It was kind of neat…xmasatindyzoo20152On our way out we stopped over by where the splash pad was and watched the music and light show next to a bonfire. I love the music and light shows! Check out our Christmas at the Zoo 2015 Adventure!

Again all the lights make the zoo around the Holidays one of the top places to check out. We love going every year and were so happy to show our friends this amazing event. If you get a chance to go it runs from Nov. 27-Jan.3, 2016 so there is still time to check it out!

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“Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.”
~ Norman Vincent Peale

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