History Unboxed: Our Amazing Ancient Britain Adventure!

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History Unboxed is a wonderful box sent to your door each month filled with activities, educational information and fun and all about History! When you sign up the first box is the Welcome Kit and since the boxes are not in order your next month is where in time History Unboxed is.

I recently reviewed the Welcome Kit which you can read HERE and it was so much fun. Our next month was Ancient Britain! Seriously the perfect point in history for our family…we love Knights! I was bummed we missed Egypt though but I can buy it as a single purchase box if I want…which I do.

This box came in standard USPS shipping box so nothing fancy but sturdy and secure. It was smaller than the first but you should never judge the contents by the size of the box…is that a saying? Anyway, this box is amazing and I cannot wait to check out more from History Unboxed!

2015-06-07 16.22.57-5 copyThe Ancient Britain box contains the following:

A sticker for your timeline (For around 500 AD/CE)

1 Round Wood Shield

1 Bag of Shield parts (Handle and Middle circle for stability, cotton swab, decoration print out and wood glue)

6 Paint Colors & 1 Paint Brush

An excerpt from Beowulf (edited for younger kids but you might pre read it anyway)

A comic to color

Anglo-Saxon god trading cards…these are amazing and we totally missed them in the box opening so look carefully!

Obviously the big deal here was the shield…it is a really amazing project to be able to paint and put together your own shield but my personal favorite are the cards! I am getting ahead of myself though…Let’s start with the letter…

The letter basically is the intro letter and says Ancient Britain Inside the box! at the top. It tells you what is in the box…obviously…but it also has a short paragraphs on the Saxons in each items section. Each paragraph about the Saxons relates to the item it is listed under which is awesome.

The Sticker is a round sticker with a guy holding a shield and a spear. He kind of looks like a Knight but probably just a Saxon going to war. My son was excited to have his first sticker on his timeline and I must admit the thought of filling that thing out has me pretty excited too. I am still looking for just the right place to put it in our house.

2015-06-10 22.05.22-4 copyThe excerpt from Beowulf was a fun read. I won’t spoil the story but it gave just enough of the story that I now want to read the original poem…I haven’t yet. I had heard the name Beowulf and Grendel before and my husband knew the story of them (and seen the movie) but  I had only heard the names. This sheet was hole punched to put in the binder which my son and I both loved…organization makes me happy.

Like I mentioned the cards are my favorite thing. My husbands too and he spend quite awhile talking about them to our son who kept asking questions…it was fantastic! It helped that one of them was the origin of Thor and another was Odin! Both of who (thanks to Avengers) he knows of. He thought it was the coolest thing ever…I love that.

The four cards had Tiw, Woden, Thunor, and Frige otherwise known as Tuesday, Wednesday (Odin), Thursday (Thor) and Friday. These are just paper so be careful and they come in a baggie that you might miss when you are taking things out of the box…oops.2015-06-07 17.01.25-1 copy

My husband didn’t flip the “In this box” letter and thus missed the cards entirely at first! Luckily the Diva grabbed the box to “help” and held it wrong thus emptying the box and everything in it…including the cards. I probably should have said thank you but I was more concerned with saying “how could you miss these?” to my husband and then us laughing at how he didn’t realize there was a back to the paper…or the cards were there. Oops…

Now the shield…the wonderful shield. You have to paint it how you want and put it together…but again they provide you with everything you need including a sheet with ideas of things to paint. The round part is solid wood…not the cheap kind either. Solid smooth wood that your child can paint with whatever they want.

The Gentleman saw a pattern (we looked some up and tried to keep with the time period…otherwise we would have had a Captain America or Iron Man shield) that was a simple four color with a black X or + pattern…depending on which way you turned it.

2015-06-10 21.28.55-4 copyThe Pirate (my husbands new nickname for the site…cause Pirates that’s why) showed the Gentleman how to draw or outline his painting. In his case this was making a big X but since Pirate has OCD tendencies he made him use a ruler.

Then the Gentleman painted each section a different color. He chose Red, Green, Blue and Yellow since those were the only colors other than Black and White available.

After we let it dry for a day, per instructions, Pirate showed him how to use masking tape to protect the paint so he could paint his Black X on the color lines. He also painted the small disk Black and being impatient we used a hair dryer to help it along…we REALLY wanted to finish the shield.

Next Pirate used the provided Wood Glue to attach the Circle disk to the middle of the shield and carefully after it had dried a bit he attached the handle possibly the wrong way but it looks awesome and works. My son declared he was a Knight and we hailed Sir Gentleman victorious in the battle against the Dragon…a.k.a. our couch. We have foam swords all over the house…

Here are a few pictures from our adventures in Ancient Britain!

No matter which subscription you choose it will auto renew but can be canceled at any time. Each month you are billed on the first of the month and you can even add a sibling to the plan (which has extra crafts and coloring sheets)at a discounted price with no extra shipping!  My daughter turns 5 this year so I believe this will be necessary…..soon she wants a shield!

You can choose which subscription you want and the price is the same for either subscription.

Monthly:  $19.99 + $7.00 Shipping/ month

Quarterly: 54.99 every 3 months + $18 shipping
Yearly:  $214.89 (that’s one month free!) + $84 shipping

The box was seriously amazing and my son learned so much from reading things, explaining, and him asking tons of questions. We borrowed books from the library to read more on the Saxons and have been checking their Pinterest board for more ideas!

History Unboxed is one the best ideas I have seen for history. The Welcome Kit was so much more than I thought it would be and this first month was amazing. I cannot wait to see what they have next!


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“If a child cannot learn in the way we teach, we must teach in a way the child can learn.”
~ Unknown

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