How To Train Your Dragon 2: An Adventure worth watching

Premiere:Friday June 13, 2014
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We were lucky enough to see How To Train Your Dragon 2 this week and boy was it good. I have only come across maybe 1 or 2 movies that have had a sequel that was equal to or better than the original. This sequel was even better than the first one and I really liked the first one.

My son and I were among the lucky people who got to attend a Pre-Screening here in Indy. I wasn’t sure if the Gentleman would like the movie given he has only ever watched the first film a few times. My daughter is the one who loves Dragons but she is 3…and had her sports clinic. I was also concerned about the 3D part of it since he was only 5 and has only seen a 15 min 4D experience with 3D glasses before.

how-to-train-your-dragon-2-poster-full copyI worried needlessly…he LOVED the film and did just fine with the 3D part. In fact I loved the film. To be honest I am always skeptical about sequels as they tend to either be repeats of the first with only slight changes or just…bad. How To Train Your Dragon was cute and showed that it was ok to be different. That to make changes, especially big changes, you have to believe in yourself, be brave and be willing to take chances.

Without giving too much away I’ll see if I can explain my thoughts. How To Train Your Dragon 2 didn’t replay that same story…it told a whole new one. This is what a good sequel is. Same characters only slightly older with a new adventure waiting for them. Of course we see the Viking town of Berk only now all the Dragons have moved in and everyone rides them or has one of their very own.

Hiccup and Toothless go off exploring the world while the rest of the gang participates in dragon riding games and other things. On one of their adventures they discover a new island that is home to hundreds of dragons and a mysterious dragon rider not from Berk. Of course the ever curious Hiccup goes out to discover who this dragon rider is and ends up discovering a whole lot more.

Over all the film’s story was perfect for kids and adults alike. There were a few darker tones but they fit the story and there was nothing really scary for kids. My son was 5 and was never upset about anything in the film…except that it was over. There were a few things just for adults like subtle remarks from characters. I just love movies that do that.

The animation is beautiful, the voice acting is amazing considering it has been a few years since the group was 15 and is now about 20 and the story is literally edge of your seat engrossing. I had two kids with me and both hardly moved during the movie. As soon as it was over people were clapping which I am not used to and my son immediately wanted to see it again. He is taking his Daddy this weekend to show him the new Dragon movie.

I, myself, cannot wait to see this film again. I think our Drive In is showing it after it hits theaters and that sounds like a perfect chance to see what my Diva thinks of Dragons without disrupting other theater goers. She is a bit restless….and loud. Even if you don’t have kids you should go see this film. You will love it even if you haven’t seen the first one.


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