Hi-Ho Cherry O Away!

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Hi-Ho Cherrio – The game of counting cherries. The game of counting cherries. It’s also a game of knowing colors, taking turns, & having fun with your kids. And of course going crazy playing it over & over. And they will…trust me…

You can purchase this game from just about anywhere (it is usually on sale around Xmas) or even make your own using various household items and two dice. I mean it is pretty much a count and sort game so grab two dice, marbles or tiny dinosaurs and some cups. Viola! Instant game!

The game recommends ages 3+ but I taught my son this game around 2 years old. Here is how I did it.

Things your child should know before learning this game unless you want to use this game to teach him these things. That is ok too but you shouldn’t follow the instructions listed on this blog. I mean you could…but it might be confusing. Well, you could adjust it slightly so you are teaching instead of asking…or something.

Ok the list of “things”

  1. How to count to 10. (or 12 if using dice.)
  2. Identify colors Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green. (or whatever colors are in your home-made game!)
  3. How to take turns. (I don’t think this needs () but I put them in anyway!)

The goal in this game is to focus on the positives, so we ignore the 3 areas on the spinner that takes away any cherries until you feel your child is ready. You can cover them up, or tape a piece of paper with other small numbers if you want too.

I am going with the purchase version so feel free to adapt if you make your own game.

  1. First have your child pick a color of a tree and ask him to show you the matching bucket. You might even make a little game out of matching this way to start.
  2. Next have them put the cherries on the tree and have them count as they go. Again make a little game until he is ready to move on.
  3. Then show them how to use the spinner.
  4. When it stops have them tell you the number and say “ok count # from your tree and put them in your bucket.” I know I don’t have to mention that # = the number that was spun…right? Ok good…moving on.
  5. Then it is your turn. Skip this step as needed. I focused on having my son spin, identify the number and count out that many cherries before we focused on turn taking.
  6. Repeat these steps until they have mastered each skill needed or until you feel they are ready to move on.

When he is ready simply add each of the minus cherry spots on the spinner back in one at a time.

Remember no one knows your child better than you do so adjust the above suggestions for your child.

“If you never did you should. These things are fun and fun is good.”
~Dr. Seuss

Author: sandyz