Geeklings Combaaaatttt! Epic sword battles!

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We love nerf swords in our house but Helaman’s Warriors has created an even better (not as painful) sword for kids of all ages! They come in a wide variety of colors and 3 sizes and I think this is the best fake weapon for kids that we have come across.

The Gentleman held his first nerf sword at age 1 and they have been a favorite toy in our house ever since. We are not allowed to hit people and instead can only hit swords or shields…or any weapon because sometimes the Diva is the Hulk complete with fists. Nerf swords are great…but they hurt and are slightly harder than I’d like for how hard the kids hit.

super heroes 2 copyThat is where Helaman’s Warriors Swords come in. These things are awesome and after being “accidentally” hit with one I can honestly say it doesn’t have that lasting sting. Still might hurt depending on how hard the kids swings but it bounces which helps with the non-lingering pain issue and doesn’t hurt nearly as bad upon impact.

They are made using about 4 materials. Something for that solid and strong center which is also part of the handle. I’m thinking wood of some sort or maybe even plastic. Foam (I think) for the filling that is pretty solid but soft at the same time.

The outer softer part seems to be velvet or something like it. Very soft…like the soft you want to constantly caress in a non-creepy way and the decorative tape to cover the handle…which is duct tape.

Honestly the swords are genius. Light and easy to wield and you can get them in 3 different sizes. Their small sword is basically dagger size or 2-3 year old training size. They are about 12 inches long and have all the same features as the longer swords. My son loves being a Rogue so I’ve considered getting him those too.2015-01-11 17.45.53-2 copy

The next size up is perfect for preschoolers up to probably 8 years old roughly. At 24 inches long these are great for my kids since my daughter was 3 when we got them. The shorter size means they can actually wield them properly.

The largest size is 36 inches long and perfect for adults…or older kids. We have considered getting some for my husband and me so we can better defend ourselves when attacked…nerf swords are not the same against these swords. They work but it is always better to use the same type of sword when fighting.

These are a lot of fun and a great way to release energy. You can find a punching bag or something like that and let the kids just beat it up. If your kids understand the only hit swords rule then they can have fun swinging at each other like mine do.

I have one rule about that besides the only hitting swords and shields, etc…do NOT come crying to me telling that the other person hit you. There is no tattling in sword fighting! Or at least not in our house unless it was on purpose of course.


“My childhood may be over, but that doesn’t mean playtime is.”
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