Relive and Reinvent epic duels from the Princess Bride with I Hate to Kill You!

Our Recommended Age:8+
Recommended Age:10+
Play Time:7 Minutes (Roughly)
Contents:40 Move Cards, 4 Health Cards, 4 Reference Cards, 12 Dice
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If you love Princess Bride as much as we do you should be very excited with Game Salute’s line of games. I Hate to Kill You is a the perfect addition for game nights…or fans of the movie. Your object is simple, score 5 hits on your opponent. Of course, like any good game it isn’t as easy as it sounds. Try to anticipate your opponent’s moves and with a little luck of the could hold the loser in the highest respect.

This game is specifically for 2 people. Just. Two. You can’t have a duel with more than that so it works…and is great for quick filler games, couples or smaller game nights. It is recommended for ages 10+ but I think seasoned gamers around 8+ would be able to understand the mechanics. However, it is up to the parent, as always, to determine if the game is appropriate or if their child would understand playing.

gshatetokillyoureview (62)That being said, the Gentleman would understand the mechanics just fine but he isn’t a huge fan of the movie…I know…I know…give him time. I feel like when he watches it again this year he will probably love it…but we aren’t quite there yet and while the Diva (age 6) likes the movie she is a bit young to get the game just yet.

The box is about the same size as the others in their Princess Bride series. Sort of small and square with a standard lift top lid. Nothing flimsy about the box though which is great. The inside has an insert with a single strip in the middle for the dice and the cards which aside from instructions which go on top of everything is all there is to the game.

There are 12 Dice in Yellow, Red and Orange and either are blank on their sides or have swords, single or double in the shape of an X and are embossed…engraved…that thing where they are etched into the dice….They are pretty good quality dice.

Game Salute provides you with bags for the dice and the cards. You’ll want to separate them based on the characters, of which there are 4. Inigo, Humperdink, Regan and of course the Man in Black. The game comes with enough bags to do this..I love when companies do that.

The cards themselves are pretty standard quality and size and the artwork is mostly stills from the movie…which is neat. I like to be Inigo but you can choose whomever you wish. You can even have people fight who didn’t fight in the film! Though, Game Salute suggests you would be messing up the story…which we agree..but you CAN do it if you want to. Now let’s learn how to play….


Score 5 hits against the other player. You are victorious!


First choose a character. Try not to fight over them… rock, paper, scissors works well for deciding. Once you have chosen take the cards for that character and put the Health card on the table with the 5 on that card in the top left corner and facing you. This is important… Put the Move Cards in your hand.

Now put one Reference card next to your Health Card and take 6 dice, two of each color. There are no turns. You will both roll at the same time so say your “Opening lines” – Read the quotes on the backs of the reference cards based on who is dueling.gshatetokillyoureview (25)

These are based on the film so the Man in Black will have 2 but Humperdink only dueled him in the film so he has ONE line…which doesn’t make sense if you duel Inigo but it could work. Now…To the Death!


Instead of turns you have Rounds. Each Round both players roll their Active Dice and play a Move Card. You can play cards to remove dice during the Round which are Inactive. You will notice that the Red dice have more double swords and the Yellow have none. This is important when deciding which die to remove…choose wisely.

Once you have both rolled you add up your swords and then play a Move Card. You HAVE to play a Move Card. Choose one from your hand and put it face down in front of you. You both flip them over at the same time. You could also just hold it separate if you want.

Each card has a Rank and vary depending on the character. The lowest Rank resolves first and if the Rank is tied they resolve at the same time. Rank 8 cards resolve AFTER the Round is over. Once a card is played it is removed from the game so choose carefully! The Bluff card is the ONLY exception to this rule and goes back in your hand. You can play it as often as you want.gshatetokillyoureview (4)

Now getting back to the dice. After the cards are resolved if both players have a tie on their rolls then no one scores a hit. You both have to discard a Die that has at least one sword showing…this means a Red or Orange is more likely..ouch. You NEVER discard your last die though and if both players are not showing any swords you can choose which die to discard.

Whoever has the most swords showing gets a hit against the other player. That player rotates their Health Card to show one less in the top left corner. You turn it counterclockwise. If you go below 2 you flip your card over to make your last (desperate) stand and hopefully not die. I’ve seen that side of the card often but in this game so has the Comedian. I get pretty lucky in this one!

Whoever scores the hit has to discard one of their dice that has a sword showing. Bummer…but makes the game interesting and a bit more fair. If at any point both players only have Bluff cards left, congrats on a close game, simply take back all your Move Cards and continue as normal.gshatetokillyoureview (44)

That is about as much as I can explain. Playing actually will depend a lot of what you both roll and what cards you choose to play which are dependent upon which character you choose. The instructions do have some samples and examples so I would check those over before playing.


The game is over when one person scores 5 hits and essentially kills the other player….which makes that player the winner…the one who scored the 5 hits…not the one who died…just to be clear.

I Hate to Kill You is a quick and fun game for 2. My husband and I like to play this one after the kids go to bed and we get some time to ourselves. It is also great when you only have a few minutes to play something or there are just a couple people on your game night. It is also brilliant because it is based off of Princess Bride!

Show us your fight to the pain! Or to the death..@MyGeeklings #IHateToKillYou @GameSalutegshatetokillyoureview2

“You seem a decent fellow. I hate to kill you.”
~ Inigo, The Princess Bride

Author: sandyz