See who can master all 5 stages of stone tossing in 5 Stones!

Play Time:Varies
Contents:5 stones, instructions
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5 Stones is a fun game that has you tossing 5 smooth hematite stones into the air and try to catch them…but the catch is there are 5 different games that have you do this with different ways to catch them! In fact your goal is to be the first player to master all 5 stages!

The game is recommended for ages 6+ and that is honestly about perfect. Kids around 4 or 5 could play a modified version but you would have to make sure they didn’t put the stones in their mouth. I would not focus on all the stages and just pick the first stage to teach them the mechanics.

The box is small, which is great because this game is very portable and easy to play, pause and pick up again later. It is also a vertical flip up lid held closed by velcro and the only contents are the 5 hematite stones and the instructions. That is all there is to this game.

There isn’t much to say about the stones. They are small, smooth and not too heavy . They also do NOT hurt when hitting your knuckles, or knees or someone’s head…yeah you might not want to toss them quite so high…remind adults as well as kids.

Let’s learn how to play one stage at a time.


Be the first to complete all 5 stages without dropping any stones.


Um…make sure all the players are around each other, we recommend a circle on the floor…you really don’t want all those stones hitting a table for a whole game…

To determine who goes first you get to play a mini game they call Learning to “Jockey”.

Each player tosses all 5 stones in the air with one hand and tries to catch as many as they can on the BACK of the same hand. Once you have caught some on the back of your hand (it is easier if your fingers are slightly spread apart) gently toss them again in the air and try to catch them in the palm of your hand.

Every Player gets to do this and the one who catches the most goes first! This is a great way to determine who goes first and a fun one too!


First it is important to remember that if you drop a stone at any point during your turn, one that you are NOT supposed to drop, then you turn ends and on your next turn you start from the stage you left off of. You do NOT have to go back to the first stage…whew…

Stage 1: Basic Toss

Onsies – Toss all 5 stones on the ground and just pick one up. Toss this one in the air and use the same hand to pick up ONE stone from the ground and then catch the stone you tossed with the same hand. Do not let it hit the ground…or your turn is over.

Move the stone you picked up to your other hand and then repeat the toss and grab to get one other stone at a time, then 3, then 4, then again until you get all of them. The rest of this game is similar and has fun names too.

Twosies – Same idea, Toss all 5 stones on the ground only pick up TWO from the ground at a time.

Threesies – Same thing but grab 3 stones at once and then get the last one.

Foursies – Same thing again but grab 4.

Fivesies – This is a special challenge, and optional, part of Basic Toss. Hold all 5 of the stones in one hand, toss one in the air and drop the other four and then catch the one you tossed.

Stage 2: The Jingles

So this version is just like Onesies – Fivesies where you toss them all on the ground first, then pick up one and toss it and grab one or whichever you are choosing. This time though do NOT put the ones you catch in the other hand. Instead keep them in the same hand!

Stage 3: The Slap

This one seems tricky and I have yet to master it…but it is so fun to keep trying. Once again toss all 5 on the ground, pick up one and toss it in the air. Pick up one other stone and then catch the stone you tossed. Now toss BOTH stones in the air and pick up ONE from the ground and then catch BOTH tossed stones…in the same hand!

Repeat that while tossing 3, pick up one, and catching all 3, again with 4 but when you have all 5 in your hand there is a small change and the reason for the title of the game. Toss all 5 in the air and slap the playing area with your palm and then catch all 5 stones.

Stage 4: Under the Bridges

Once again toss all 5 stones on the ground in the playing area. Now, hehe, take one hand and make your fingertips like a bridge on the playing area. This hand must stay still, not slide or move in anyway (well the fingertips part) or else the turn is over.

Now, toss one stone in the air and push one stone under the bridge then catch the stone you tossed. Yeah…sounds easy right? Ha! It is and it isn’t, well to me. The stone has to go completely through the bridge, well under the bridge, or your turn is over. Repeat this until you have pushed all the stones under the bridge then remove the bridge, pick one stone, toss it and pick up all the stones and then catch the stone.

Stage 5: The Eggs in a Basket

Once again all stones get tossed on the ground in the playing area and one is selected. Now cup the other hand like a little basket, aww how cute. Toss one stone and using the same hand toss another stone into the basket and then catch the stone you tossed. If the stone bounces out your turn is over though so don’t bounce to hard.

The instructions say that the first player to complete all of the levels successfully without dropping a stone is the winner…but I feel like this is a bit too hard for some kids, although it is a good goal and a nice hilarious challenge for adults to try. You can adjust rules, make up your own rules and play however you want as well of course. The goal is to have fun and you will have fun.

This is a great game because it can be played just about anywhere and is easy to transport as it is in a small box. I do like that you can pick up where you left off  and not have to start over so not impossible…but practice a bit first maybe. Just keep track of what stage you are on and you are good to go!

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