Our Great Amazing Race Adventure!

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Note:Group Discounts – teachers, military, law enforcement & fire, as well as members of Girls Scouts, Boy Scouts, YMCA, 4-H, BBBS and BGC receive special pricing.
Cost:Team Entry Fee: $40.00 Early / $50.00 at Race Mulligan/Time-Saver Pass: $10.00 Early / $15.00 at Race (limit of one per team ) Souvenir T-Shirt: $15.00 Early / $20.00 at Race Souvenir Drawstring Backpack: $15.00 / $20.00 at Race
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The Great Amazing Race is so much more than a race, it is an adventure. An obstacle filled race for two, this race will keep you on your toes and bring you and your teammate closer together. We had such a great time and my son was so excited even afterwards. I can’t wait to do this again.

We have done a few races but they have always been 5k fun runs. This was our first adventure doing an obstacle race mostly because I haven’t found any that kids are allowed to participate in that isn’t a Spartan race. I just haven’t found any really that is until I discovered the Great Amazing Race.

2014-06-01 13.18.25 copyI love encouraging my kids to lead active and healthy lifestyles but I can’t just tell them too. As parents we have to show them too and this is one race that can help you do that and is fun. In fact it supports the 30 Minutes-A-Day Family Initiative and if you have never heard of that here is the info.

“The Great Amazing Race Series supports the 30-MINUTES-A-DAY Family Initiative, a national program that encourages parents to be good ROLE MODELS by participating in three daily activities (30 minutes a day, 5 times a week) at home, together with their kids, that have the power to improve their student’s academic performance and family quality of life: physical exercise, reading books and eating healthy. As with anything, children learn more from watching what you do than to what you say. LEAD BY EXAMPLE!”

Aside from being a healthy way to spend time with friends or family it was so much fun. We arrived very early but since I didn’t know what to expect we wanted to get there in case there was a long line to check in. Turns out check in was a table with shirts you could buy and you give them your name. Then you go over to another table where you sign up your team name. For this race kids (or youngest team member) gets to pick the team name.

I was a little nervous what we were going to be called but the Gentleman chose the name Bullets which was actually pretty cool. We signed up and were ready to go except we were early…so we went to find a restroom. Right before the race we were gathered and given a little card with a number on it. This was in case we received a penalty we would have to give the attendant the card.

After everyone was given a card we are were all informed of the rules and where we were heading. Then we approached the start line. We were very excited but it was VERY hot outside. We actually forget that once the race started, even with the running and jogging. I don’t want to go into EVERY obstacle but I will cover a couple of them. They do change them up so you never know what to expect.

We jogged our way to the first station where Teamwork was the key. We had to walk inside two baskets one at a time around a course. Well…that sounds confusing. We had to have me step in one basket and my son step in the one behind me, then step into my basket and pass the back basket up so I can put it in front of us and both of us step into that. That make more sense?

We actually did a lot better than I thought we would since we have never worked together on something like this before. It was pretty challenging not to fall over or bump into other people, but mostly the trying not to fall over part. Once we finished we put our baskets up and jogged to the next challenge. They really weren’t obstacles so much as challenges. In order to keep some things a surprise I won’t tell you the second challenge but the one after that was really fun.2014-06-01 14.43.46-6 copy

Face painting! The Gentleman had to paint my face and I had to paint his. That was pretty interesting and I was SO excited and afraid of how my face would end up lol. Turns out my son is quite the artist and I didn’t do too bad either. He was very meticulous and was very careful around my eyes. I was trying not to laugh because he was so serious and he was telling me the colors he was using and what he was doing with each brush stroke.

That was our third challenge and after we were done we found our way back to the start line to begin the second set of challenges. Again, I’m not going to cover all of them but one of the other ones we did was a piggy back race where you fill a bowl with a sponge. Yeah…that was fun but at least I got to give him the piggy back ride, I’m thinking the other would have taken a little longer.

After our very last challenge we ran back to the tent where we started and they wrote down our time. I think this would be my only complaint if I was worried about time. There should have been trackers or something instead of waiting in line to give them your card for your time. Otherwise there were no complaints and not even the heat got to us until after the race.

This race has everything you want out of an activity. It’s a lot of fun, you get exercise, you are outside, you get to challenge yourself, you get to do fun “obstacles” and most importantly it is a great way to spend time with a child, family member or friend that will bring you even closer together.GreatAmericanRace2014review2

“While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.”
~ Angela Schwindt

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