Swim faster than your friends and don’t Get Bit!

Recommended Age:8+
Our Recommended Age:5+
Play Time:10-20 minutes
Company Site:maydaygames.com
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Get Bit! is a fantastic card game by Mayday Games that is easy to learn and so much fun to play. Play your cards carefully or you could end up getting bit by a hungry shark…several times! If this shark takes a bite out of you then you lose a limb! Ok…your robot does but it is pretty fun to pull off a leg or an arm…if it isn’t your robot that is!

Each player has a robot who is enjoying a peaceful swim with his friends (the other players, and yes the robots are water proof) when a shark shows up that is hungry for…robots. He won’t eat your robot all at once but instead he will take one limb at a time…but the good news is you get to choose the limb!

2015-04-19 15.03.07 copyGet Bit! is a lot of fun and small enough to go in my purse, easy enough to clean up and quick enough to play so we can take it to a doctor appointment or restaurant to play while waiting. The box is pretty strong so when you lift the lid off it doesn’t tear easily. It doesn’t have a compartment for everything but in this case that is ok since the robots just need to sort of be free in the box.

The cards are pretty standard material and CAN tear easily just like any other card but the robots and shark are made of plastic. The shark reminds me of the LEGO shark but it isn’t…though you can open and close the mouth. We tend to do this when he bites a robot…cause it’s fun.

The robots have removable limbs. Their arms and legs pop right off if you pull with a little resistance but you can also pop the joints off. There is a variation of the game that you can actually do this instead of just removing legs or arms…makes it a bit longer. We haven’t done this yet but the removing of limbs is probably everyone’s favorite part. Now on to the fun part!


You can play this game with 2-6 players though I think you can get extra robots and cards online and play with 7 or 8 as well. I do love games that you can add players or elements to. We usually play with 2-4 so I will explain how to play with 4 players and mention the adjustments for 2 or 3 player games.

Each player chooses a robot and then gets all the cards of the same color. For 4 player games each player is 1 robot but if you are playing with 2 or 3 players you get to be two robots. Remove the 6 and 7 cards from play for a 2 or 4 player game.

Now line up all the robots in a line in the middle area of all the players and make them look like they are swimming. Remember they are swimming away from the shark so put it at the end of the line. The order doesn’t matter here as the official order will be determined in each round and no one gets bit the first round.

2015-04-19 15.13.05 copyPlay:

There are 3 phases to each round, Choose cards, Move robots and Get Bit….yes someone has to each round except that first one.

Choose Cards:

Everyone chooses a card from their hand and puts if face down in front of them. If you are playing 2 robots you would choose 1 card for each color. Once everyone has chosen a card everyone flips theirs over to reveal the new order of swimmers.

Move Robots:

The lowest number swims first and gets moved to the front of the line followed by the next lowest and so on. Which means if you get to move first…you are most likely getting bit unless there is a tie. If players play the same number they don’t move. This could be good if you are first or in the middle but bad if you are last. Once everyone has moved, or not, someone gets bit…except in that first round.

2015-04-19 15.08.56-1 copyGet Bit:

Like I’ve mentioned the robot at the back of the line once everyone has moved gets bit! The player who owns that robot (so to speak) gets to remove a limb of their choosing. One arm or leg is the cost and the prize is moving to the front of the line…not that that means you are safe in the next round necessarily.

If you have one card left in your hand at the end of any round you get to pick up all your cards if you have more than one left simply set the card you just played to the side to keep a stack of them. They stay face up so other players can see them. Then begin the next round the same way.


Keep playing until there are only 2 robots left. Once there are only two then the robot that the shark eats loses and the remaining robot’s owner is the winner! Yay the shark is now full on all of your robot friends!

2015-04-19 15.12.43 copyIf you are playing the 2 or 3 player version then you play until one player loses just one robot. My husband and son play 2 player games quite a bit and during our Family Game Nights it tends to be 2 or 3 more often. Playing 2 robots is kind of tricky because you want to keep BOTH alive!

My favorite variation (they have 2 and 3 player versions and a longer game version where you remove just half a limb at a time) is the Memory Game version. You play like normal but instead of keeping the cards that were played face up you turn them face down. My husband is too good at keeping track of that sort of thing and I never pay enough attention.

The strategy involved is lost on kids about 4 or 5 BUT they CAN play…they just might lose a lot. As long as they know their numbers and understand higher or lower even a little bit they can play. We helped my Diva play and while she understood choosing a card she didn’t quite get the strategy part…she’ll get there and it was still fun for her to take limbs off. I think she may have liked losing a bit too much.

Get Bit! is a quick and fun game that is great for anyone of almost any age. You can even add more players by getting the Orange, Black, Green or Pink expansion sets or more fun by getting Dolphin Dice, a fun Playmat, and tons of extras! I love games that not only grow as my kids grow but that you can expand on to have even more fun so go out and Get Bit!


“You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.”
~ Albert Einstein

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