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Our Recommended Age:6+
Recommended Age:7+
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FlipStir takes a traditional puzzle and gives it a twist…a spin, a shake and even a stir! That’s because FlipStir isn’t a traditional puzzle, it’s a set of puzzle pieces inside a clear plastic tube and it’s up to you to get them in the right order using the wand inside!

FlipStir 3D Puzzle Statue of Liberty – Level 2

Puzzles are a huge part of our household. 50 pieces, 500 pieces or even 2000… we have all different shapes and sizes. Unlike those puzzles, our FlipStir only has 10 pieces and doesn’t take up the whole table but it’s just as challenging and just as much fun.

They are very solidly made – none of the pieces feel cheap and the whole thing can stand up to some pretty frantic puzzling without any problems…and the occasional dropping. The container is plastic, a clear tube with a solid bottom and top. The stirring stick or wand inside is metal with a little plastic hand on the end and it allows you to do all sorts of interesting things with the puzzle pieces.

flipsterreview-3In order to solve it you’ll have to shake the tube, stir, flip and do your best to rearrange the pieces. Since the puzzle is never mixed up the same way twice, there’s no one way to solve it. This means that you can keep doing this particular puzzle over and over.

Solving FlipStir is a matter of patience and concentration, something my kids don’t always have quite enough of. The Gentleman can get most of the way through if he’s willing to take the time to do it but he sometimes gets frustrated…sometimes so do I when I do puzzles hehe.

He does get extremely proud when he fits in another piece and if his sister would leave it alone when he takes breaks would probably be able to complete it with just a couple breaks. He has completed it before which was an extremely proud moment for him but he did have to stop a couple times.

flipsterreview-1The Diva on the other hand can only get through a little bit at a time. She’s usually pretty excited matching up a few pieces and if we keep the FlipStir still she can sometimes come back and stack a few more…but her brother likes to “help” her. She has not successfully completed it yet but she could..if she could focus on it for more than about 5 minutes.

The adults who have solved this puzzle can do so with varying times and we are constantly trying to beat our best times…and each others best times.

We leave it out on the table so we can grab and solve whenever…which we tend to do at the dinner table, someone plays between games on game nights…and pretty much whenever we just walk by it one of us wants to solve it.

This is one puzzle that kids of every age can solve or at least play with. No small parts means even a 2 year old can stir the wand and pieces and try to solve it. I’d still watch the wand going in small mouths but otherwise there isn’t much they can do besides have fun.

I’d say 6+ is a good age to have focus and patience to solve it…in most cases, not my kids really, but most cases kids can sit and solve any Flipster in just a few (like 10ish or more) minutes.

Check out this quick video about Flipster Solar System!

Flipstir is a fun and addictive (in a fun way) type of puzzle that is perfect for the whole family. Shake, flip, stir and solve are the only instructions and there is no setup or cleanup. Combine that with it being extremely portable and helps with fine motor skills, dexterity and improve hand-eye coordination and spatial relations skills and Flipstir becomes on of our favorite puzzles.

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