Feed the Woozle! while doing the hula

Recommended Age:3-6
Play Time:15 minutes
Company Site:www.peaceablekingdom.com
Contents:1 stand-up Woozle 24 silly snacks 12 yummy cards 1 die, 1 spinner, 1 spoon Instructions for 3 game levels
Awards:2012 Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold 2013 2012 Parents' Choice Silver Award ASTRA 2012 Best Toys for Kids 2012 PAL Award Winner
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Feed the Woozle is a cooporative game for kids that gets them moving, learning and giggling. It is the perfect game for kids ages 3-6 and can scale in difficulty with them. This means the game grows as your child grows and I just love those types of games!

We discovered this game at Gen Con 2014 where they had a giant version that my kids had to play at least twice every day we were there…which was all four days. Not even kidding that is how much they love this game. My son turned six shortly after Gen Con and still plays and loves this game.

2015-01-11 18.50.24-2 copyThe Woozle is a cute orange monster with an open mouth ready to eat with a sign that says Feed Me. There are two folded flaps of cardboard attached to the main Woozle face that unfold to make him stand up. Simply fold them in and he lays flat in the box. The cardboard or whatever it is made out of is not really cardboard like a box but the game type that is fairly sturdy and smooth due to a printed picture on it.

The Woozle has fallen over a time or two do to excited kids but no scratches or dents so far and I am not even sure you can bend that material…very well made. The spinner is your standard spinner but of course has various things to do like Hula or Spin on it.

The Die is a simple die with 123 on it, the spoon is a decent size and plastic but durable and the pieces of “food” are made out of that same not-easy-to-bend material with fun food names on them like Broccoli Lollipop and Worm Pie…they are called Silly Snacks after all.2015-01-11 18.01.41 copy

It would probably more fun to show you how to play but I will explain it first…then show you how my kids play. Remember the game is adjustable for ages 3-4, 4-5 and 5-6. I will be explaining just the 4-5 version because my kids play that one for now since the Diva is 4. We are going to move her up soon though as she is getting TOO good at the game. I’ll mention the adjustments though.


Setup is pretty easy. First set up the Woozle on a table and place the pile of Yummy Cards near him. Then on a different table a little ways away set up the spinner, the spoon, the die and the Snack Tokens. Kids will need to walk from one to the other so put as much or as little space between the two as they need depending on the age. Then decide who goes first.


This is where you can add or remove things to make the game harder or easier. I will explain the regular version (Level 2)in detail and then the adjustments as well. I LOVE games that give their own adjustments so games grow with your kids!

On your turn you roll the die and put that many Food Chips on the spoon. Then spin the spinner to see HOW you have to get the food to the Woozle. If you need to, designate a Spin Master, usually an adult or older kid to keep things fair.

There are several spaces the spinner could land on and you have to do what it says while moving yourself, with the spoon full of food chips in hand, to the Woozle and get the chips in his mouth. The game could have you Hula, Bunny Hop, Walk Backwards, March, Go Crazy or Spin around! All are so much fun to do and watch.2015-01-11 17.53.39 copy

Level 1 doesn’t use the Spinner at all. Simply roll the die and put that many Snack Tokens on the spoon and get it to the Woozle. Level 3 has you do everything but you are blindfolded with your teammates telling you where to go! Now THAT sounds fun…and funny. My son is old enough so we might start playing this way with him but the Diva isn’t quite ready…she still confuses Left and Right for now.

If you drop any they are simply out of the game. This is true for any level of play including Level 1. Also, for every Snack Token you put in the Woozle’s mouth you will take a Yummy Card. Once everyone has received 12 Yummy Cards TOTAL, not separate or first, you all win and the game is over.

Level 1 is meant for ages 3-4, Level 2 is for 4-5 and Level 3 is meant for ages 5-6 or older. Each Level has the same basic rules of Roll the Die, put that many Snack Tokens on the Spoon and get them to the Woozle then take your Yummy Cards and any dropped are lost for the game. You can adjust to make it more challenging which in turn makes the kids work together more.

Check out the Geeklings playing Feed the Woozle!

We have played cooperative games before but not quite like this one on Level 3. However, it is one of the more fun co-op games we play and certainly one of the funniest. The kids cheer each other on and work together which is fantastic.

Kids will not only have fun but learn things too! I love educational games…I may have said that before. This one helps with gross & fine motor skills, dexterity, counting, reading a die, taking turns, working together and boosting teammates confidence! The best part is it gets your kids up and moving and keeps them active…and giggling.


“Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play children learn how to learn”
~ O. Fred Donaldson

Author: sandyz