Adopt the most dogs in Diggity Dogs!

Our Recommended Age:4+
Recommended Age:4+
Play Time:Varies.
Skills:Develops matching skills Practices counting skills Encourages social skills, turn-taking, and good sportsmanship
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Don’t panic…you are not actually adopting real life dogs. Better? Good. You are adopting dogs in a game called Diggity Dogs by Educational Insights. It is super cute and the start of resource management games for younger kids. Also, the dog pictures are of actual dogs from people who work for Educational Insights! Super cute!

My kids love pretending the dogs are real and we  are adopting all of them for our house…we so would not do that. I mean I love dogs, we all do. My kids maybe a bit more than I do because we can’t actually have any right now. Allergies are a pain! The Gentleman is allergic to both dogs and cats, poor kid. We promised if his shots work we would get a puppy next year…until then this is a great way to teach him to adopt animals!

The box is sort of shaped like a dog, which is cute, and it is easy enough to open. No organization inside but none is really needed. We bagged the cards because we do that but the dogs can stay on their little stands and everything fits neatly inside. It is fairly portable too. Easy enough to throw in a kids backpack or large purse…or my backpack since I tend to take that more often than not.

diggitydogreview (1)Each card has a picture of either a Ball, Bone, Stick, Can of Food or a Brush. The artwork is cute and simple and very kid friendly and the cards are sturdier than standard cards. This means they are harder to rip or bend. Still possible but not as easy…I like that those kinds of cards.

I am pretty sure the dog cards are made out of Chipboard and they stand very easily and neatly on little plastic stands. There is even a cut for them on the bottom of the cards. The same artwork is on here in the little thought bubbles and on the backgrounds, which are different colors.

The dogs themselves are actual photos of dogs from people who work for Educational Insights. How cute is that! There is even a little info on each of the stars of the game in the instructions. Too cute!

There really isn’t much to the game. It is super easy to learn and reminds me of Go Fish but teaches my kids that adopting animals is a good thing. It is also a great game to introduce kids to resource management games! You have to collect the right type and amount of “resources” to adopt a dog. They recommend ages 5+ but I feel like with a bit of help a 3 year old could play.

In fact if you want to teach them to play have them take turns drawing cards and lay them in front of them until they match a dog. You should just put two at a time out and then replace any that get adopted. This is a great start to learning to match more than one thing and you can add in asking for cards later. Now on to the how to’s and what not’s!


To adopt the most dogs!


Put all the dogs on their stands and place them in the middle of all of the players so everyone can see what each dog wants. Shuffle up the cards and deal 2 to each player face down then put the rest in a pile where everyone can reach. The rules say the youngest player goes first but you can also use a die to determine who goes first…it is more fair.

diggitydogreview (3)Play:

Every player will ask another player for an item to help them adopt a dog. You can only ask for one item and if the player has that item they have to give it to you. If they do not have it then you draw a card from the top of the pile. You should also try to do your best dog impression while asking. It’s in the instructions.

We don’t enforce that mostly because we won’t actually play the game for long and instead fits of giggles would ensue followed by wanting to pretend to BE dogs instead of playing the game…fun but we kind of want to play the game. Although watching my husband do a dog impression was hilarious…Snaughling may or may not have been involved.

If you get 3 cards that match a dog to adopt you show your cards, put them in a discard pile face up and then collect the dog. You also have to say Bow Wow! although my kids like Ruff a bit more. Once the dog is safe in your care, or on the table near you, and the giggling has subsided you get to take another turn. Your turn is over when you cannot adopt a dog.diggitydogreview

It is a lot more fun with more than 2 players. The kids tend to show their cards or announce what they get so they wind up asking for the same item back and forth. This makes for a longer game and we end up telling them to ask for something new…they’ll get there…some day.


Once all the dogs are adopted the game is over. Count up the dogs and whoever has the most wins!

Super easy game and super cute too! Diggity Dogs is a great starter game for little gamers and can be easily taken to friends houses or other places for fun on the go. If you use the box as a “kennel” you could even play in the car!

Portable, educational and a lot of fun. There is even a Kitten game just like it for those are not partial to dogs. If you are looking for a fun game to play with your little ones this is a great addition to any game shelf!eidiggitydogsreview2Show us your adopted pups! @MyGeeklings #DiggityDogs @ed_insights

“All of life is a constant education.”
~ Eleanor Roosevelt

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