Duck! Heads that is.

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Cute little Pom Pom duck heads NOT actual little duck heads people. Hopefully by now you know that about me.

Anyway, I made five of these cute puppets to use with the song “5 Little Ducks” (Went out to play)

For Ages: 2 & up

1. Supplies

Glue – I used a fabric glue FABRI-TAC
1 sheet of felt in an orange for the beak
Medium sized Yellow Pom Poms (I made 5)
Googly Eyes (your choice of size)

2. Bills of Ducks

Supplies Needed:

Pom Poms
Felt for bills

I cut diamond shapes out of the felt for the bill. Then I folded them in half and put a book on them to help keep the shape. After you are happy with the open or closed-ness of the bills glue them on the pom poms!

3. I can see!

Supplies Needed:

Pom Pom ducks
Googly Eyes

The last step is to glue on the eyes. Let dry and you now have little duck heads!

Optional step: Items needed:

Duck head
Velcro (I used the soft side of the velcro)

Since I am using these duck heads for singing songs I put velcro on the back of them. Now I can put them on my glove and remove them for the “5 Little Ducks” song.

“He’s a weird duck but I like him a lot.”

Author: sandyz