Build the biggest cake in Dream Cakes!

Recommended Age:4+
Play Time:10-20 Minutes
Our Recommended Age:3+(With supervision)
Contents:75 Cake Pieces, 15 Ribbon Cards, 1 Spinner, 1 Cake Measuring Stick, Instructions
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Ravensburger has a wide variety of games that are fun and Dream Cakes is one my kids go to games. You take turns spinning the wheel to build the biggest cake you can and get the most award points. Dream Cakes is easy to learn and fun to play as a game or for just building fun cakes!

This is a great game for younger kids to get them started on their gaming adventures. It is easy to learn and easily modified. They recommend ages 4+ but 3+ could start by spinning the wheel and gathering pieces so they can build cakes for fun. This was how my daughter started out and now she can tell you how to play with all the rules!

My son also likes to play Dream Cakes and will play normally or just to build cakes…it is pretty fun to see how many crazy patterns you can make out of a 3-5 tier cake. Family Game Night usually includes a round or two of Dream Cakes…which the adults even like to play…I mean who doesn’t like cake?

dreamcakesreview (2)The Rules are simple but first I’ll talk about the pieces. There is no board to this game and only a few cards. Those are standard card material and if playing with young kids or kids who are just learning you could always leave those out at first.

The spinner and all the pieces are made out of that chipboard except of course for the actual spinning arrow part, that is plastic. Each cake part is double sided for more choices.

The bases are either Blue, Yellow (Gold?) or Pink and the large and small tiers have all of the same patterns so you can make a complete matching two tier cake. The Icing parts and toppers are also double sided and have a lot of fun options!

There is a fold up cake tier ruler that is used to see how many cards you get as a reward. When the kids play just to build cakes they don’t use this part though. Now I bet you want to learn how to play? Don’t worry I’ll explain it instead of letting my Diva…although she would probably love to!


Get the most points from Rewards Cards by building the biggest cakes.


There isn’t much of a setup here. Put the Cake Ruler where all players can reach it along with the Rewards Cards, after you shuffle them of course. All of the Cake Pieces should be in separate piles so players can find them easier and finally put the spinner where everyone can reach it as well.

dreamcakesreview (3)Play:

Decide who gets to go first. We always roll a die to see as it seems to be the most fair way. The first player spins the spinner and gets to choose a piece based on what it landed on.

If it lands on a Small Tier then you choose one Small Tier piece for your cake. If it lands on Choose 1, 2 or 3 then you get to choose 1, 2 or 3 of any of the pieces available.

The Big Spill is a bit different and not so pleasant. All players have to put all their cake pieces back that are not part of a completed cake. Yeah that sucks…however, it is a tiny portion of the whole spinner so you shouldn’t get that one too much.

The kids actually don’t roll this much and the couple times it has happened I was the only one with unfinished cakes….yeah that is my luck alright.

Each player takes turns spinning and selecting pieces and making cakes. With each piece you get you start building a new cake or add to one you have and once you place a cake topper a cake is complete.dreamcakesreview (4)

Once you complete a cake you get to measure it using the Cake Measuring Stick. The Topper is the top of the cake so whatever number that goes up to is how many Ribbon Cards you get.

Put these cards face down on the cake and do not peek. You’ll count up all your points later. Keep playing like this until all the Ribbon Cards are gone. If you choose not to use Ribbon Cards at first simply see who can build the most complete cakes which is how the Diva started.


Once all the Ribbon Cards are gone everyone flips over the ones they have earned and count up the points. The player with the most points wins!

Every one who plays this game loves that you can choose your own cake pieces and that those pieces are double sided for more options. It is great for creativity!

Dream Cakes is a great game for younger kids but older kids around age 7 to 10 will enjoy it a lot as well.  This game is creative, well made and super fun and quite possibly the Diva’s favorite game right now. If you are looking for a game for a younger child or a creative game for an older child this is perfect!dreamcakesreview2Show us your Dream Cakes!! @MyGeeklings #DreamCakes

“It may be that all games are silly. But then, so are humans.”
~ Robert Lynd

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