Destroy Super Heroes and Rule the world in DC Deck-Building Game: Forever Evil

Recommended Age:15+
Our Recommended Age:10+
Play Time:30-45 Minutes (this will vary)
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In Cryptozoics DC Deck-Building Game Forever Evil you are the Super-Villain…yes a Super-Villain! Your goal is to gain the most Victory Points by defeating as many of those pesky Super Heroes as you can and help the other players…lose by attacking them as well.

I love a game where I can pretend I am an evil genius…which amounts to Super-Villain which means I really like this game. The game is recommended for ages 15 and up but younger seasoned gamers could play, I would say 10+ is a good age. There is a LOT of reading since you have to be able to read and understand what the cards all do and parents will want to approve the artwork of course.

My soon to be 8 going on 13 year old would get the mechanics of the game but we would have to help him out a bit still on strategy and what different card types do. We are waiting a bit longer before we try this one with him…but that might have more to do with the fact that I don’t want to get beat by my minion…er..child again…at yet another game.

dcforeverevilreview (4)The artwork is beautiful and looks straight out of comic books. Slightly dark and kind of violent…which is as it should be…the cards are worth checking out before or during play just for the artwork alone.

A lift top lid makes sense somehow for this game and the beautiful plastic insert that has a place for everything is equally wonderful. It looks like there is extra room in case you want to combine this with another DC Deck-Building Game..or for expansions!

Oh..yes you can in fact combine this with other Cerberus Engine: Heroes games…like the original or Heroes Unite expansion…which is also a stand alone game like Forever Evil. I LOVE that you can buy any one of these games and play them by themselves OR get them all and combine them!! I want to do that now…but I’ll stay focused here..mostly..and get to the good parts…let’s play!


Whoever has the most Victory Points (there are stars on the bottom left corner of the cards) wins and is the ultimate Super Villian!! Until the next game…if there is a tie then whoever, out of those who tie, has the most Super Hero cards wins..cause you beat the most Super Heroes which means you are stronger and more…villainy.. woo!


First choose your Super-Villain identity! You can either choose or be dealt randomly one of the Super-Villain Cards. These are larger than the other cards. We usually pass out two and have everyone put one back if the group is small enough..and if not..its random. Read the card to learn your Super Power…and then laugh maniacally.

Everyone gets 7 Punch Cards which are sort of like your currency in the game and 3 Vulnerability Cards…which do nothing but get in your way during the game so it’s best to destroy these as soon as you can…in the game…not for real.

These 10 cards are your starting deck. Your own personal Deck so when a card says Draw a Card they mean from here. You will also have your own discard pile you will have to reshuffle to remake your deck..a lot. You get new cards from the Main Deck which you should now shuffle…

Put the shuffled deck in the middle of the table where everyone or at least almost everyone can reach. Pause on those for a moment. Next up there are 12 different Super Heroes in the game but you will usually only use 8…unless you want a longer game of course.dcforeverevilreview (24)

There is one that starts the game…Flash. It says “This card starts the game on top of the Super Hero stack” so set him aside and shuffle the other eleven. Randomly take 3 away so you have 8…or however many you want of course. Those 3 go back in the box and no peeking! Take the 8 and put them face down in a pile and put Flash face up on top.

This Deck should be opposite the playing area from the Main Deck. Usually we put the Super Heroes closest to everyone, so if we are at an oval table and we have players on the two sides and on on the end, the Super Hero Deck goes on the same side as the person on the end…so they can see the Super Hero cards better.

You can set it up your own of course. The Main deck is on the opposite side of the Super Hero deck since only one person really needs to flip those…which I’ll explain now. Take the top 5 cards from the deck and put them face up in a row next to the Main Deck and leading to the Super Hero Deck. There is no board or mat so do your best and if you have OCD…sorry the cards will get messy.

Now find the Kick cards and the Weakness cards..each will have their own deck and all will be the same. Kicks all look the same and Weaknesses all look the same. Put one deck above the Super Hero Deck and the other below, both face up. There is a handy picture example in the instructions in case I’ve confused you…which I understand is possible.

dcforeverevilreview (7)Now you are ready to play! Decide who goes first…we usually role a die unless I’ve lost several games already and then everyone takes pity on me and I get to go first..not that it really matters. What matters is what cards you get when it is your turn.  Shuffle your Deck and take 5 cards into your hand. You should see them but no one else should. Everyone does this as you should always have cards in your hand when it is not your turn…you’ll see why in a minute.


Play will go clockwise and on your turn you can do nothing…or buy cards. You could also attack, draw more cards, destroy cards and do basically whatever the cards you play say you can. You will have 5 unless…you have been able to draw cards during other player’s turn then you’ll have more.

Depending on the cards in your hand you can buy a card from the Line-Up, a Kick card which costs 3 Punch, or a Super Hero card but only the one that is face up. The costs for cards are in the bottom right of each card and will vary. Super Hero cards are going to cost more and you will sit and stare at them each time you cannot afford one…at least I do…sigh…

No matter which card you buy it goes into your discard pile..unless you have something that says it goes somewhere else. Discard piles are face up and near your Deck and will get shuffled and turned INTO your Deck when you cannot draw any more cards from the Deck.dcforeverevilreview (10)

You can buy however many cards you want as long as you can afford them…some cards even let you Gain cards for free! If you have cards that can destroy cards you will want to do that and maybe get rid of the starter cards and weaknesses first…just a tip. However, on your turn they can not be put in your discard pile until the end of your turn.

This bit is important…you can play the cards in your hand in any order you want to and the order CAN matter. As soon as you play one it gets resolved immediately. Play all the cards you can and want to and then buy cards afterwards but you can play cards after buying too..just remember order is important.

Let everyone know your turn is over when you are all done and put any cards you have played and that are left in your hand into your discard pile. If you have any “at the end of your turn” effects resolve those now and fill any open spots in the Line-Up from your purchases with new cards from the Main Deck.

Draw 5 cards from your Deck and if you have to shuffle to get up to 5 cards. IF you purchased a Super Hero you will now flip over the next one…and then some bad stuff happens. Read what it says…and then do whatever it says. Then it is the next player’s turn.

dcforeverevilreview (9)The good news about Super Hero cards is they are treated like Hero cards and are in your discard pile for you to eventually draw and play. Only the First Appearance is no longer usable since it already appeared…and you bought it…well defeated it.

I will NOT be explaining all the cards…there are too many and it spoils the fun. However, things to keep in mind. Some cards let you attack other players.

This makes the game even MORE interesting than just playing a villain. There are cards that say to choose 1 and cards that say everyone gets attacked although if players have a card with Defense they can use it.

One more thing. Destroying cards means they are out of the game and Discarding means put in your discard pile. Ok…a few more things. You get Victory Point tokens for Victory Points you can earn during the game…usually they are just added up at the end…and you can steal them from other players too.


The game ends when either run out of Super Hero cards or are not able to refill the Line-Up. All Locations in Play get returned, all cards in your hand and discard pile are put in your deck. Now total up your Victory Points on the cards and any tokens you have BUT then you have to subtract any Weakness cards you have.dcforeverevilreview (2)

The player with the highest Victory Points total is the winner! The evilest Super Villain ever! Huzzah! Now…you all have to take apart your decks and resort the cards to Kicks, Weaknesses, Super Heroes, Punches and Vulnerability cards into their own piles.

That isn’t as bad as it seems and after a game or two setup is easy and quick…and so it the putting away part actually. The instructions also have card specifics to help with any clarifications needed as well as a Good Guys vs Bad Guys way to play! You need an even number of players though and you’ll need to mix Forever Evil with another DC game.

I won’t spoil that variant but it IS a fun way to play if you have even number of people and probably one of my favorite ways to play! It changes the game just enough to make it a brand new game while keeping it the same at the same time…it made sense in my head.

Forever Evil is one of my favorite Deck-Building games. Characters we know and love…or love to hate are just a part of what make this game great. The replay value is very high as it will never be the same game twice and to make it MORE re-playable simply combine it with another DC Deck-Building game!

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“You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.”
~ Albert Einstein

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