Cracking the Code!

Recommended Age:5+
Where to Buy:Meijer, Marbles, and quality toy stores everywhere.
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The Color Code! A game by Smart Toys and Games is one of the most original games for kids I have come across. Color Code has many things we look for in a game, it is engaging and fun for multiple ages (including me), educational and something my kids can do without much help. It isn’t really meant for more than one person to play at a time but we have discovered the wonderful art of taking turns and team work with the help of this game.

Color Code is meant for ages 5+ but isn’t hard to set up or understand for kids around 4. After a few levels it gets challenging even for adults. This makes it very fun for my son when he beats a puzzle. Especially a puzzle that I couldn’t. Also, sort of frustrating for me with a hint of embarrassment…ok maybe more pride.

You start off on level 1…well you should anyway to get the hang of it. The goal is to use the tiles with various colored shapes on them to make the same design as in the puzzle. You have to find the right tiles and then layer them correctly one on top of another til you make the design. Sounds simple right? At first it is…then it gets harder.

You can choose from 100 challenges in the puzzle book with 4 levels that range from easy (Starter) and go up to Really hard (Master). We started with the very first one but had to skip the first 8 before it was a challenge for my 4 year old. I ran into my first challenge a few levels later which amused my son.

This game helps kids problem solve, focus, accept and work through challenges and of course colors and shapes. My son is VERY proud and excited when he figures one out and honestly so am I…when he figures one out. Ok I get excited when I figure one out too but these can get challenging!

SO parents…if you want a game that will keep your preschoolers focused (and quiet) and is educational then get Color Code for Xmas! You can find it at Meijer and Marbles stores (if you live in Indy or near one of those stores), which is extremely convenient for me since I do my grocery shopping at Meijer too!

For more stores, visit Smart Toys and Games’ store locator.

“And will you succeed? Yes indeed, yes indeed! Ninety-eight and three-quarters percent guaranteed!”
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