Celebration Crossing: A new Xmas tradition!

Event Dates:Nov. 29 - Dec. 31, 2013
Company Site:www.indianamuseum.org
Cost:Adult $10 | Child $5.50 | Senior $9
Official Site:id/282
Hours:Monday - Saturday 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Sunday 11 a.m. – 5 p.m
*Please check our calendar for exceptions.
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Since we discovered the Indiana State Museum we have gone on more family outings. I thought I had to wait a few more years before my 3 and 5 year olds would be ready for the State Museum, however they keep showing me that there is more and more to do for kids this age. Celebration Crossing is held every November and December and is fabulous! There is SO much for kids of all ages to do and see including meeting Santa Claus! We have discovered a new Family Christmas Tradition!

The first thing my kids wanted to do was ride the train. There is a little train that goes around a “mountain” that is decorated beautifully for “winter”.  They rode by themselves (big kids!) and we watched and waved from the side. I was actually bummed that they didn’t want us to go….the train was for big kids too! Train Ride copyThe train went around one time and then on its second pass paused on the other side of the mountain. The kids did a secret game and were given paper snow flakes! Then it finished its trip and everyone got off happy as ever and ready for Santa! That was a different line. The train was a first stop for everyone. Santa took his time with each child or children and was (of course) the nicest man ever! Mrs. Claus was there to greet the kids and walk them to Santa’s lap. The Diva immediately wanted to go to her and Mrs. Claus was nice enough to pick her up and hold her for a minute. The Gentleman was VERY excited about seeing Santa and to tell him that he wanted a Mega-force Power Ranger Megazord for xmas and one Skylander. Not all of them…just one. The Diva didn’t ask for anything but was happy to show Santa her map of the Indiana State Sitting with Santa copyMuseum. To my kids the maps of places we go is almost as big as getting to buy something there. I’ll take it! Maps it is kids! That and the smushed pennies. Both kids have a collector book with almost all from the zoo and museum. We are working on the State Museum ones now too. After we rode the train and met Santa we made our way towards Santa’s Playground. Best. Place. Ever. They had TONS of things to do in one room. The had tables with coloring books, lincoln logs, and crafts. Drawing easels, bean bag toss and a giant foam tinker toy looking set! This was epic! My kids both played with it for forever. We actually helped a bit…for them of course. Side Bar imagesMy son even built a home and a playground for his stuffed animal friend he brought with him. We had a LOT of fun in there. I can’t believe how much they had to do in that one not so big room. On our way out we got to see a performance of ringing bells. I didn’t think my kids would be interested but they were the first to go up and sit down. I love when they get into things like that. It was pretty neat to see one person ring that many bells for a song! They couldn’t sit still long, however, so we made one last stop at the gazebo they have for weddings. This was also their idea. They saw it and had to go sit in it for a minute. They wanted to go through it all again but we had been there a couple hours already and needed lunch. I think they would have stayed and played all day! Plus…can you really ever be done riding a train or visiting Santa? Kids of all ages will love everything about Celebration Crossing. celebrationcrossingaftercomic2

“Outings are so much more fun when we can savor them through the children’s eyes.”
~ Lawana Blackwell

Author: sandyz