BrickStix! A new adventure with a favorite toy!

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I’m just going to be up front. We love Legos. I mean most families with kids have kids who love them, but we, as a whole family, LOVE Legos. We like the sets but our favorite is the buckets of random pieces that allow for the most creativity. Build what you want and play how you want. Well BrickStix makes one of our favorite toys that much more awesome and creative! Stickers that you can use and more importantly RE-USE to tell your Lego story! Discovering these was like having the best Christmas ever!

My daughter is still a bit young and really only builds towers, square solid buildings and plays with Lego guys. We tend to build things for her or let her play with the sets we have. Yes…we play with the sets we buy and build and yes…we have to rebuild them…a lot. BUT we have fun and we enjoy building sets almost as much as building whatever we want. For the record we do like Mega Bloks sets too and these wonderful stickers and clings work for those too! Playing with Brick Stix just makes them that much more awesome!

2014-09-05 19.43.02 copyYou have TONS of options to choose from too. Signs, Rescue, Pets, Home, Space, Zombies, Comics and even Medieval stickers! There are tons more and most come with two sheets each. Seriously there is no story you can’t tell! We were able to try out almost all of them and were going to attempt a zombie Lego stop motion movie with the zombies! Ambitious? Yes! Possible? No! I had a 5 year old director….we got through the set up part though.

Instead of a movie I decided to let my husband build some things…yes…I HAD to let him since he was probably more excited than our son to play with them. My son also built things of course but my husband, codename The Mad Hatter, had some awesome ideas. The results of their creativity and my skills with digital things were nothing less than awesome! I like making videos…

The first one we did was of course zombies! We have the Medieval castle (Santa brought it to our whole family one year!) so we used that and the evil wizard castle to tell our story. Of course the Zombie BrickStix were used and we actually had two sets so we had plenty of zombies in the mix! Here is our story and video telling of it! Thought up by my Gentleman with embellishments from me.

“The good people of Castle Zimm were under attack by zombies sent forth by the evil wizard Lord Shadow (the Gentleman is learning how to name things still but the wizard is pretty dark) in an attempt to steal the Golden Sword of Power from King Leo. He uses the red Crystal of Magic to raise his evil minions from beyond the grave. They return to serve him as zombies and head towards King Leo’s castle. Will Lord Shadow defeat King Leo and get his hands on the Golden Sword of Power? Or will what’s left of King Leo’s forces destroy the zombies before they reach the castle? Tune in to find out!”

Ok..Zombies are such an awesome addition to any play set. These stickers might be our favorite. Another set we had and loved was Pets. The kids loved playing with Lego “pets” even though they were stickers of pets. It never ceases to amaze me how much imagination kids have or can have if given the opportunity. We used the Pets and the Rescue and parts of the City sets and Splat sets.

Our pet shop was on fire! Firefighters were trying to put out the fire while the animal ambulance was taking care of the animals. Sshhh….the Gentleman doesn’t know animal ambulances are not a thing. The animals made it out safely and the fire was put out before it could spread to the store next door.

Teens were spray painting the wall outside while Superman and Wonder Woman shopped inside. They were off duty for minor things… There were many things to buy (thanks to various BrickStix!) My son loved stocking the shelves and embellishing the different buildings. Batman and Robin were fighting bad guys down an alley by the store (thanks to the Comics stickers) and there were several other things we set up to play with. Watch our video of our adventures with BrickStix!2014-08-31 22.12.45 copy

As you can see we had a LOT of fun and my son embellished on the play sets after our initial photos and playing. There is just so much you can do with BrickStix that he possibilities are literally endless. You can use them to enhance your building and then when you take down what you built you can put the stickers away and use them again later for something completely different. Yep…they are reusable too!

There are two different types of BrickStix. Reusable Stickers and Cling Decals. The Stickers look just like stickers but you can stick and un-stick them as often as you want.

The Clings work like window clings and are more clear. Neither tear easily and unless you stick them to something besides LEGO or MegaBlocks they will even stay clean.  Diva may or may not have stuck them to…well her face, our table, her baby doll and anything else she could sneak one on.

 If you are like us you have very, very, very (few more verys in there) old LEGO bricks. You will have to clean them off before the stickers or the clings will work happily with them. We started playing with them and realized they kept falling off but only on some of the bricks. It was discovered that all the newer bricks worked great with them but our older ones needed cleaning. I recommend a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Greatest. Cleaning. Product. Ever.

I recommend getting the Stix Storage which work for both the stickers and the clings. It is a cute booklet that has 18 pages to hold the stickers and clings and we are ordering one very soon. We keep putting them back on their sheets, which works but is not so easy to do for my son…and impossible for my daughter. I do ok with it though…mostly.

BrickStix would be the perfect addition to any LEGO or Mega Blok builder’s collection. They give you that extra bit of creativity to take your building and imagination to the next level. We have had so much fun playing with them and I can honestly say we will be playing with them for years to come.


“It’s the things we play with and the people who help us play that make a great difference in our lives.”
~ Fred Rogers

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