Monthly Box Awesome! Brick Loot March box!

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Brick Loot is a monthly subscription of LEGO related items and it is awesome! While they don’t have set themes for the months yet March happened to be all about vehicles! Mini military vehicles, nanoblock car, road tape and more all in one awesome box!

In case you missed it here is our March un-boxing video. The Gentleman loved opening the box and showing his sister everything inside. It was pretty cute and we only had to retry twice due to the Diva falling out of her chair, grabbing from the box beforehand or picking her nose…I spared you from that. Your welcome.

Now that you know what is inside I will tell you a little about each item starting with my favorite the nanoblock car.

nanoblock – First developed in Japan, it is the world’s smallest building block system and are loved by kids and adults alike! March had the Hot Rod nanoblock inside and not only does it look awesome but it has TWO ways to complete it! Well two ways to finish it anyway. You can have the top on or off. We chose on…well I chose on since I was putting it together. Yeah I didn’t share this one and my husband got to do the last one.

Custom Exclusive Build – The BL500 Sports Convertible is a neat little car from BrickBuildersPro. They created this one of a kind sports car just for Brick Loot subscribers. They have tons of custom designs on their site too! The instructions were online which I didn’t like and we were missing 1 piece and another piece was a different color from the instructions but none of that took away from the awesomeness of the car. My son put this one together and included our next item, the Liteup Block!

Liteup Block – We received one of these in our first box in December but this one seems much cooler since it goes with the Custom Build! I mean you could use it for buildings or street lights or something but it looks pretty cool on the car. It was hard to put ON the car though.

The instructions didn’t show which way the block should fit. We put it so the button was facing out of the back of the car and left the cylinder pieces out. The button is also hard for fingers to turn on but the effect was pretty amazing. A car with real lights!

3 Play set – Brick Loot is sending out limited run Brick Loot 3 Play building sets which are actually 3 items in one!  You can build a plane, helicopter or a boat! It was like a LEGO Creator set which my son LOVES and I do to because you can build and rebuild any way you choose!

My kids’s favorite is the helicopter…mine too. They were all so cute when they were finished but I think that is because they were small. I think my daughter wanted to use them as toys for her dolls…cute idea actually. Our last item in the box is the one that actually goes with every other item…

PlayTape – PlayTape, by InRoad Toys, is the fastest and easiest way to create roads for playing with LEGO vehicles…or anything really. It is easy to tear and peel up with no residue, sticks to any flat surface and is repositionable and it is recyclable!  This one can be used with or without Bricks of any kind which makes it that much more awesome! It unrolls like thin painters or masking tape and when on our wood table nicely. It also came off nice and neat which is extremely important…I hate sticky residue.

My favorite item was the nanoblock…I really like building tiny blocks. My son loved the Custom Build and Liteup brick but my daughter loved the PlayTape best. Brick Loot subscriptions have something for everyone!

When you get your box don’t forget to do and submit an un-boxing video for your chance to win the Mega Brick! If you have or are a LEGO fan you will love Brick Loot!


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