Help the Circus Elephants build a Pyramid in Zimbbos!

Recommended Age:3+
Play Time:5-10 minutes
Skills:Fine Motor Creativity Math Social Play
Awards:Oppenheim Gold Seal Dr. Toy 10 Best Games Parents’ Choice Silver Honor
Contents:10 Wooden Elephants 5 Wooden Jokers 3 Wooden Bars 1 Wooden Die Illustrated Rules
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Blue Orange Games found a way to take stacking to a whole new level (horrible pun intended!) with Zimbbos. A fun stacking game for kids ages 3 and up that even older kids will want to play. Roll the die and stack that many circus animals (or clowns) or even add a bar to make the ultimate pyramid! The person who places the very last #10 elephant wins!

Blue Orange Games makes some of the best games we play and this one is no exception. Zimbbos is a lot of fun although maybe a little young for my son who just turned 7. My daughter is now 5 and loves playing this game though. She likes rolling and stacking them in different configurations.

The game is super easy to learn and play but before we get in to that let’s talk quality. First the box is pretty sturdy and the top slides off…not the easiest but doesn’t rip either. It has this nice and neat insert that allows for all the pieces to fit very neat in an organized way. I do love that…

zimbbosreviewEach piece, including the Die, are wood. Not flimsy or cheap wood but a soft solid wood that can endure falling over on to a wooden table without damage. Well I am sure at some point it would get nicked or scratch but it is very sturdy material.

The colors are super cute and excellent for kids learning their colors! Each Elephant is the perfect size for little hands and has a number too that is a focus of the game but also important for teaching kids numbers 1-10. Very educational game!

It isn’t too transportable but then again you wouldn’t really want to take this do a Doctor office or Restaurant, however, it is portable enough to take to a friends house. My daughter has taken it to a friends house…or the Y before but mostly just pulls the game out to play by herself, with a friend or her choice on Family Game Night. (each person in the family gets a choice and everyone must play it).

Over all the game is very well made, easy to learn and adorable too! Now let’s focus on the how to play part you have been waiting for. Again, very easy to learn and my Diva, if she could write (more than a few words) would probably explain it to you…but for now I will go ahead.


Be the person to place the #10 Elephant on the top of a Pyramid without it falling over.


The instructions don’t actually have a setup phase but what we do is put all the animals and bars off to one side that all players can reach. Decide who goes first. We usually roll the dice and first person to get a Star goes first. That’s it really.


On your turn roll the Die and place an Elephant or Joker (Clown or other type of animal) or Bar on the table. If you roll a 3 then you place 3 Elephants, roll a 2 and you place 2 Elephants and 1 means you place just one. The Star is where would place a Joker OR a Bar.

zimbbosreview (2)There is no real restrictions on where you can put anything except you cannot put anything below the current level. You can only place them on the same level or above it. You can place the animals and things either upside down or right-side up and it doesn’t matter which way it is facing.

You HAVE to start the Elephants in order from 1 – 10 though. The first Elephant you place has to be #1 and the last piece has to be #10 Elephant at the top…without knocking it over.

If at any point the pyramid falls then you simply begin a new game and try again for a winner.


The player who puts the #10 Elephant on the pyramid without making it fall is the winner! Yay you! Ta-Da that is the game. Very easy to play and learn and so much fun. I love it when it falls over though cause kids learn from that and it makes them giggle…me too.

I don’t think I have ever found a kiddie game that is so much fun for everyone. I mean it is simple and not the easiest thing to knock over really….well unless you are my daughter who likes to build lopsided towers…then maybe easy to knock over.

Zimbbos is a great game for kids ages 3+ and even a 2 year old could play a non dice version of stacking, color identification and number recognition! Blue Orange Games really knows how to make a quality and fun game. If you are looking for such a game for your younger child(ren) this is the perfect game to start with!zibbosreview2Show us your Zimbbos pyramid! @MyGeeklings @BlueOrangeGames

“Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning.”
~ Fred Rogers

Author: sandyz