Help complete experiments and become the greatest scientist with Doctor Eureka!

Our Recommended Age:6+
Recommended Age:8+
Play Time:15 Minutes
Skills:Fine motor skills Visual perception Focus and attention Processing speed
Contents:12 Test Tubes 24 Colorful Balls (8 Red, 8 Purple, 8 Green) 54 Challenge Cards Illustrated Rules
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Doctor Eureka is a great game for science loving kids…and parents.  Your goal is to help Doctor Eureka with his experiments by “pouring” colored balls from one test tube to another to match the card. Your other goal is to get the most cards to be the best scientist…or mad scientist.

This game is fantastic and while meant for ages 8+ pretty much any age can play…assuming they don’t put the balls in their mouth. You’ll want to watch for that. Otherwise this is a great game for younger kids to work on motor skills. Simply adjust the game play so they are more focussed on that aspect than winning.

The Diva does great at age 6 and is sometimes faster than her brother. She takes a minute to look at her test tubes to see where the balls are and then the picture but once she figures out how she can move very quickly. Sometimes too quickly and she still spills more of them than makes it in but she loves it.

The game box is a standard lift top lid and there is a wonderful insert inside to hold the test tubes which will have the balls inside them and then a spot for the cards. That is all there is to the game. Test tubes, colored balls and cards with experiments on them.

The cards are pretty standard square cards, somewhat thick like card stock only have the three test tubes with various color balls inside to form different patterns. The artwork on the back is of Doctor Eureka and is properly cartoonish and fun for a kids game.

The test tubes and balls are plastic. The nice thicker kind for the test tubes and the balls are light…so they bounce when they fall out…and will roll off the table, bounce and roll on carpet and land where you won’t find them right away…so you know, watch out for that.

Enough about the materials, they are good quality and again I love the insert…let’s move on to how to play and all that now.


Be the first to get 5 cards (or points) or you can set your own number. If playing with younger kids I recommend using just 5 cards and having them match and not worrying if they spill them to start.


First give every player 3 Test Tubes and 2 balls of each color. Put them in front of you in a line from left to right with 2 Purple, 2 Red and then 2 Green. Now shuffle the cards and put them in a pile face down where everyone can see and preferably reach them.

Everyone plays at the same time so there is no first player. Once everyone has their Test Tubes set up and the cards are shuffled and in place you are ready to play!


The top card in the pile gets flipped face up and then everyone goes at the same time. You want to have your test tubes match the ones on the card. They have to be in the same order from left to right.

We have them so they are facing the player from left to right so it isn’t as confusing but you can also play so they have to be in the order the player sees them…this is great for adapting for older kids, teens or adults!

There are a few rules you have to follow. You cannot drop or touch with your hand any of the balls. If you do you are out for the rest of that round. Leave your test tubes where they are and the balls inside them as they are. Unless you dropped one then just put it in a test tube and then leave it.

You are allowed to move the test tubes to switch the order if that will help and you are even allowed to flip a test tube upside down! If you have a test tube that has a Green with a Red on top and the card calls for Red with Green on top simply flip the test tube and put it in the right spot. Keep in mind if you are not quick enough you can spill them out though….the Diva has this trick down and uses it whenever she can.

The first player to complete the challenge yells “Eureka!” Yes you should always yell this…we also will except an occasional “Great Scott!” but 99% of the time you have to yell Eureka…and why wouldn’t you want to?

IF they completed the challenge correctly they win that challenge card. It is worth one point. If they did not they are out for the rest of that round and game continues until someone else yells “Eureka” and is correct.

Once someone has won the card all test tubes are flipped right side up but leave the balls inside the way they are. Do not reset to the beginning. A new card gets flipped up and a new round begins again!


The game ends when one player has collect 5 cards or points. This person is the winner! Woo Hoo!

You can also make the game more challenging or less as needed or wanted. There is even a way to play by yourself! It’s easy just play the game but don’t worry about rushing and instead worry about getting the puzzle complete in as few moves as possible.

The instructions offer options for variations which I love! Have everyone call out a number of moves that is different from every other player. Lowest bid gets to try first and they win the card IF they can complete the puzzle in that many moves or fewer. If not it goes to the next highest bidder and so on until someone can do it in or under their bid of moves.

I love when games add extra ways to play. You never feel like you are playing the same game twice and it makes it more fun for all ages too!

We love science and board games so this was a perfect addition to our Family Game Nights and our homeschool game options! We have started to add a lab coat and goggles when playing..because why not?

Even the adults enjoy playing and it is harder than it looks to try to match the puzzle quickly…especially if you do the challenge options which we do.

Doctor Eureeka brings the elements (see what I did there?) of fun and learning to Famiy Game Nights. The Diva feels like she is mixing potions and now wants to become a mad scientist…at least it’s a scientist right?

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“The reluctance to put away childish things may be a requirement of genius.”
~ Rebecca Pepper Sinkler

Author: sandyz