Duel for the control of a Kingdom with Brave Rats!

Recommended Age:8+
Players:2 Only
Play Time:15 Minutes
Artwork By::Christophe Swal
Skills:Strategy Probability
Company Site:www.blueorangegames.com
Contents:16 Cards Reference Card Illustrated Rules
Our Recommended Age:6+ for experienced gamers. (With a bit of help)
Awards:Parents’ Choice Silver Award Major Fun Award Tillywig Brain Child Award
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Brave Rats is a 2 player (only 2) strategy card game that is sort of like War…the card game. You each have a deck of 8 cards…or an army of Rats and one card/Rat will face off against one from the other players deck…army…like a duel. It is a very quick, portable and super fun game that is perfect for 2 players.

By now you know we love Blue Orange Games. They cover a wide range of game types and ages so everyone of any age or skill level has some gaming options…Brave Rats is one of their 2 Player ONLY games. I like these because sometimes it is just the Comedian and I and we want to play a quick game or two.

The age recommended is 8 but if you have a seasoned gamer around 6+ they could play…might need a bit of help understanding the cards but after a few games they would probably get it. The Gentleman likes this game and is learning the cards still…but he is getting better faster than I would like…not really, I love how fast he learns games and strategy…that’s another post though…moving on!

bogbraveratsreview (19)The game is literally just 16 cards and they come in a small tin that is still too large for just these cards and the instructions. However, there is a velvet lined insert that the cards set on perfectly with the instructions…and the tin has raised (embossed?) art! I love a creative box!

Each card has a different Rat on it and each deck (set of 8) has a different Rat army with their own values…like the Red Rats, the Applewoods, are obsessed with jewelry and riches. The Yargs, are more barbarian and are known for their impressive size and combat skills…this all shows in the artwork on the cards.

When you first get the game take a moment and check out each card…the artwork is perfect for the them of the game and some had me chuckling…or giggling…mini laughs? Not sure how to word that or describe it…so I’ll stop trying…just check out the cards artwork…my favorite is the Applewood Princess. Now let’s learn how to play!

Objective:bogbraveratsreview (2)

Win! Ok that was too easy…Win 4 rounds to be the new ruler of the Kingdom…or is it Ratdom?


Each Player chooses a color. Red or Blue…that’s it. NO setup really other than deciding who goes first…do that next.


Each player will look at all of their cards and select one card to play. Put it face down in front of you until the other player is ready as well. Once both players have a card face down they flip them face up at the same time. NOW is the fun part! Depending on the card you each played one of you will win it or neither will and you’ll set it aside for a minute.

The card with the highest strength wins (it’s the number in the top left of the card) except when the special ability on the card (the text at the bottom) says that card wins….basically read the cards. There is also a Results Table in the instructions and a card that has it as well.

If you both play a card with the same number, or if the card says the round is nullified and put on hold then those two cards are set aside (just push them aside a couple inches) and another round is played. The winner of THIS round wins the previous one as well.

You could end up having a couple rounds on hold and then the winner might just win the game in one go! We haven’t had that happen yet but I have a feeling it’s coming hehe.

Important note…in any game once a card is played it stays out of your hand. Basically a game uses up to all 8 cards but none more than one time.

I’ll go over the cards a bit but it can be confusing if you aren’t playing…after a couple rounds you will easily pick up who beats who and what circumstances will counter what.bogbraveratsreview (14)

Prince: He always wins the round EXCEPT against the Princess…he loses if the other player plays the Princess….but like you lose the GAME! The Musician doesn’t win but it does put the round on hold.

General: His power affects the NEXT round by adding +2 to the next card you play and the Wizard cannot nullify this power.

Wizard: Nullifies the special power on the other player’s card so it will come down to highest card winning.

Ambassador: If you win the round with this card you technically get TWO victories! Even if the round with this card is on hold. If the person who played him wins the next round while he is on hold you get 3 victories! That is most of the game right there!

bogbraveratsreview (5)Assassin: He makes it so the lowest number wins…except against the Prince…who just wins.

Spy: During the next round the other player has to basically show their card before you choose yours. So their card is played and then you choose so you can win easier…if they play a Spy at the same time as you do then they nullify each other…boo.

Princess: She counts as just a Strength of 1 unless you play her and the other player plays the Prince card. This means you win the whole game. This is possible in the first round…it happened ONE time but it was glorious! Mostly because I played the Princess.

Musician: He nullifies the round and puts it on hold no matter what the other player plays unless it is the Wizard of course.

bogbraveratsreview (12)Winning:

First person to win 4 rounds wins! You can also set other rules to have a winner or higher rounds but rules say 4. If you both run out of cards before someone wins, first of all great job…second simply play another game to determine the winner.

SO now you have an understanding of the cards, how the game is played and an idea of the type of strategy involved…I’ve seen my nephew play against the Comedian and they had a few cards on hold at a time due to playing the same cards as the other or anticipating the other’s cards.

The instructions have variations to make the game harder…more challenging or just different to mix things up. I haven’t used any of them yet but the Comedian and our friend have. The Random deal is apparently pretty interesting to do but I like the Empress (it says Emperor but I changed it) cause it feels right for me….I just need to actually earn the title..

Brave Rats is not only fun, it is quick, easy to set up, very portable and even educational! It helps gamers learn valuable skills like probability and strategy. I love the fact there is so much to such a small and short game. It never seems to get old and is one our go to games for when we have a little bit of time to play something.

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“You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.”
~ Albert Einstein

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