Angry Birds: Under Construction

Recommended Age:7 and up
Players:Single Player
Official Site:smartgames/angry-birds-under-construction
Play Time:Kids of any age will play until they beat several puzzles or that one really tough one.
Contents:Storage case/Game Board
4 playing pieces
Challenge booklet with 48 challenges and their solutions
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My kids LOVE playing Angry Birds on my tablet and phone and I LOVE SmartGames games so this game is a win for all of us! Angry Birds Under Construction is a puzzle game that challenges you to use the 4 pieces to end up showing only the right pigs. This game is a LOT more challenging than you would think! My 4 year old son can do some of them….and even one or two that I couldn’t. I was both a proud mom and an annoyed adult on that one.

The game is completely self contained which makes it great for travel and taking with you. I think the only negative is that it isn’t magnetic. It comes with the case and game board which is the top of the case. The 4 playing pieces and the puzzle/solution booklet with 48 puzzles with levels ranging from Starter to Master.

To play you must first pick a challenge from the booklet. I recommend starting at the first one. Trust me, it isn’t as easy as it looks.

You have to arrange all 4 playing pieces on the game board to cover all everything except the characters pictured in the challenge.

    • All puzzle pieces must be used.
    • Puzzle pieces should not be placed on top of each other or the border.
    • There is only 1 solution per challenge.
    • Solutions to all 48 challenges can be found in the back of the booklet.

This game is fun and challenging and is great for kids of all ages. My 2 year old daughter likes to see if she can fit all the pieces on the board which is also a bit challenging lol. My 4 year old son can actually do some of the puzzles once I explained how.

These types of games help teach children how to solve problems and promote self confidence and boost self esteem. Nothing feels better than completing that level you have been working on for what seems like forever and it is that much better when you do it yourself. It also helps increase logic skills and focus. Trust me when I say this game can increase focus which means you get increased peace and quiet.

I don’t think I can say enough great things about this game. My kids absolutely love these puzzle type games and the love it even more since they recognize the characters. Other family members will be getting this game as presents this year since their kids are asking for it already! Now I need to go see if I can have a turn again.


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~ Fred Rogers

Author: sandyz