Angry Birds Playground on Top!

Recommended Age:5+
Players:Single Player
Official Site:smartgames/angry-birds-top
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Smart Toys and Games comes out with the BEST games ever! Angry Birds on Top is everything you have come to expect from a game made by this company. It is fun, durable, easy to store and take with you, teaches skills and can grow with your kids. Plus it is fun for ALL ages! My husband and I both love playing it.

Angry Birds on Top is a newer game and one of my favorites…I mean my son’s favorites. Both of my kids love playing it although my 3 year old daughter doesn’t exactly know HOW to play. She likes sliding it around and trying to cover up the pigs though and to her she wins when she covers one pig. I tend to agree but apparently that doesn’t count for me.

It isn’t that hard to figure out since you literally slide the 5 plastic tiles around until all the pigs are covered. Easy right? Not so much. It is a LOT harder than it looks!

When we saw this game at the Smart Toys and Games Booth at (where else?!) Gen Con 2013 we HAD to try it. The Gentleman loves Angry Birds, I mean who doesn’t right? He tried the game first and almost wouldn’t give it up. He did solve a puzzle though and then it was my turn…I wasn’t so lucky. I did get to watch a few adults look at it like it would be too easy and the staff told them to give it a try. They did and were very shocked at how challenging it actually was. Those same people bought the game.

You can have younger kids play by having them cover one or two pigs instead of all of them. My 3 year old daughter does this and yells “I did it!” when she covers a pig. Then she tries to cover a different one. She is close to covering two at a time so she will get a LOT of play time out of this game.


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  • First pick a challenge card. These are INSIDE the game board. Genius!
  • Put the card on top of the pile inside with the side you want facing up and close the lid.
  • Cover up all the pigs with the birds by sliding the tiles around to win.
  • Tip: Tiles can be moved vertically, horizontally and also half way! I discovered this after a LONG time trying a puzzle so you’re welcome.

There a LOT of puzzles which equals hours of fun. The puzzles get more challenging as the numbers go up which means the game grows with your kid. It also means adults will love playing as well. I usually carry this one with us on outings and for long car rides since it is self contained. My son helps my daughter switch the levels out and they even take turns…well most of the time they do.

Angry Birds on Top is a GREAT gift for birthdays or holidays. It is everything I look for in a puzzle game and more. As a bonus if kids are playing THIS game then they aren’t playing Angry Birds on your phone! I think everyone loves the Angry Birds app and this is a great next step.


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~ Fred Rogers

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1 thought on “Angry Birds Playground on Top!

  1. Purchased the game in the Netherlands and found out that card 31 is not right.
    It seems like that all cards in all countries are not right.
    SmartGames solves this problem by adding a download so you can dowload the right card and print it you’re self.
    I don’t think this is the same, 23 nice cards and 1 paper.
    I’m very disappointed in this game, 15 euro for a game like this is expensive, but that’s because there are angry birds on.

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