An Act of Kindness for Halloween with Promise Monsters!

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We love Promise Monsters and the fact that they each come with an Act of Kindness that you and your child can do together. Each Monster comes with its own Act of Kindness for you to complete and then upload to the website for a little prize!

Promise Monsters has a wonderful collection of cute and cuddly little monsters. We will eventually end up with them all but since it is Halloween season they have a special set of THREE Smarshmallows with options for THREE Acts of Kindness to do.

These are absolutely adorable! My Gentleman chose the FrankenMonster and my Diva chose the Ghost which left me with the Candy Corn one which I was ok with. Of course we all share them between us but those are the ones they snuggle with.

For our Acts of Kindness the kids chose to make cookies, make a Halloween card and give Candy to people in their Reverse Trick or Treat. We started with the cookies…but that didn’t turn out so well. We bought sugar cookie mix in a tube…don’t judge…and rolled it out so the kids could cut out bat shapes for cookies and then add sprinkles.

Here is a gallery of our Act of Kindness.

It looked great up until we baked the cookies…they were slightly darker than they should have been so we didn’t hand those out. Instead the kids chose Oreos to put in their treat bags. It’s the thought right?

They also made Halloween cards using foam pumpkins and crayons. They drew ghosts and people and the Gentleman even wrote “You are special” on one. Too cute.

Halloween candy was easy since we had it for Halloween. The kids each put a Cookie and 3 pieces of candy in a treat bag and gave the bag and a card to a family member who happened to be visiting. My Dad, my sister, her husband and their 4 kids were visiting us for the week so each of the Geeklings chose 3 people to give a bag too.

The Gentleman chose his cousins Pelé (age 13), Shaggy (age 10), and his Grandpa. My Diva chose her cousin Lil Mama, her Auntie and her Uncle. No those are not their real names but remember…I don’t use real names of kids. They were pretty excited to give them their bags. Here is a short video of the making and giving of the bags.

Promise Monsters are one of our favorite toys. You can even go to their factory and make your own with a group! I want to do that one day. These are super cute, snuggly and they teach your child to do something nice for someone else just because you can. Who wouldn’t want one of these little creatures? Show us your Promise Monster and don’t forget to upload your act of kindness!


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